Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Nov 23 - Dec 21
September 18 - September 24
At the beginning of the week, Sagittarians are advised to pay special attention to professional activities and family relationships. Both of these topics may be in conflict. The fact is that you may receive a promising career offer. However, due to the fact that the new assignment will require additional work time, family members may strongly oppose it. Thanks to the ability to find mutual understanding with influential people, you will be able to achieve career advancement and gain the support of your superiors. And at the same time, make sure that the interests of the family are not harmed. The middle and second half of the week is favorable for making important financial decisions about purchases. At this time, your income may increase, and your actions will be practical and forward-looking. Relationships with influential people who will be inclined to support you may improve. In general, this week favors those who are focused on solving material problems and strive to achieve heights in their careers. At the end of the week it is better to refrain from idle pastime.

Love horoscope for Sagittarius
Sagittarius will find it more difficult to resist their love desires in the middle of this week. Fortunately, they will be lucky: this is the right time for a romantic idyll, despite possible obstacles, secrets or misunderstandings. The romantic sympathies of some Sagittarians will be contradictory and ambivalent.

Career and financial horoscope for Sagittarius
In the first half of the week, complications may arise in Sagittarius's career in relationships with senior management. You may be subject to complaints about the timing and quality of certain works. Being behind schedule is already a serious reason for censure. Try, if possible, to distance yourself from contacts with your superiors and not attract attention to yourself. Remember that management during this period can react very emotionally to problems. Family troubles, so typical of these days, can distract your attention from work. Working conditions in the workplace may deteriorate. Refrain from preparing reporting documentation. The second half of the week is going much better. The financial return from work may increase. Relations with colleagues are constructive. Your productivity level may increase, which will have a positive impact on your income. Be sure to pay attention to compliance with work deadlines. There may be a tendency towards career growth.