Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Feb 20 - Mar 20
September 11 - September 17
This week may be ambiguous for Pisces. Firstly, this is a great time to develop a harmonious relationship with a partner. We are talking about both a business partnership and a marital union. In business relations, a good time for information exchange and the search for optimal mutually beneficial solutions. Marital relationships can be built on mutual love and willingness to make concessions in order to reach agreement. Moreover, the same important factor for the harmony of relations is the mutual readiness for an interested dialogue. Try to spend more time in public, on trips, at festive and festive events. Perhaps this way you will meet some people who will be useful to you. You may be faced with a dilemma: either maintain extensive contacts with friends and acquaintances, or focus on business. If you have a lot of unresolved material and financial issues on your agenda, then you need to drastically cut your contacts that have nothing to do with business. Perhaps at some point you realize that there are people in your social circle who steal your time and treat you purely consumeristically, using your resources for their own selfish interests. It is better to distance yourself from such people.

Love horoscope for Pisces
The stars tell Pisces that this week it will not always be easy for them to cope with emotions and they will not always be able to dictate the rules. Often you will have to adapt to the situation, sacrificing part of your plans or principles. On Wednesday and Thursday, you should not refuse a conversation suggested by your partner.

Career and financial horoscope for Pisces
This week may be ambiguous for Pisces. It may be important for you to provide yourself with information support and strengthen business connections - and you can do this very well. Be sure to pay attention to people who appear in your field of vision with certain information or offers of cooperation. The information that comes in can bring you a lot of benefit in the future. Those who focus their activities on the fashion, leisure, entertainment and show business industries will achieve success. At the same time, try to follow the course of events, and not push them artificially with your own efforts. Finding up-to-date information is easy. If necessary, use all the resources of business connections you have, connect people who may be experts on certain issues that interest you. All information processes, exchange of goods and services, movement of business papers, contacts, connections, trips are accelerated. At the same time, during contacts, try not to allow yourself to be distracted from your work by extraneous conversations. When solving other people's issues, you risk losing your own affairs, since solving them takes time.