Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Feb 20 - Mar 20
August 28 - September 03
Pisces may have minor but annoying quarrels in marital and love relationships this week. Those couples who have been dating for a long time and have already thought about legitimizing their relationship may begin to move away from these intentions. This time is fraught with an increase in misunderstanding and the distance of people who love each other. Try to reverse the negative trend, show care and attention to your loved one. If you feel a growing irritation in yourself, then it is better to temporarily move away from communication under a plausible pretext. Such a state will not last long and it does not pose a serious threat to really strong alliances. In general, the week is ambiguous. On the one hand, there may be positive developments in your career. There may be contact with your secret patron, who can assist in your promotion to a higher position or in search of a new, higher status job. You can be much closer to your cherished goal. At the same time, this is one of the most difficult weeks in partnerships, especially marital relations. Your extraordinary behavior may face intransigence from a marriage partner.

Love horoscope for Pisces
This week, for Pisces lovers, it will be a difficult interval from Wednesday evening to Friday morning. They can create a wall between themselves and their passion, emotionally shut down and distance themselves, get away from the conversation. The reason may be subordination, modesty, distrust, secret fear or long-standing prejudice.

Career and financial horoscope for Pisces
For Pisces, this week may be associated with difficulties in financing current projects. Lack of working capital can significantly slow down the progress of work. It is not recommended to borrow and lend money, because then there may be problems with the return. In conditions of financial deficit, the need for additional spending may suddenly increase. This may be due to a breakdown of household appliances or a car with the need to bear additional repair costs. Try to avoid risky investments. If you own real estate (shop, office, warehouse), then try not to attract the attention of official authorities. You may be asked to get involved in active social or group work and invest your material resources in supporting some collective projects. The stars categorically advise against doing this, as this is a sure way to losses. It is recommended to strengthen security measures to save money on plastic cards.