Libra Weekly Horoscope

Sep 23 - Oct 23
September 11 - September 17
This week may be ambiguous for Libra. The most problematic topic may be the lack of money. Perhaps your need for some kind of entertainment will increase or you will spend a lot of money on gifts. All this can create tension and the need to find financial resources. Indirectly, this condition can negatively affect your love and friendship relationships. After all, you may not have enough money to go with friends to a concert or to a restaurant. The likelihood of all kinds of unexpected incidents, technical failures and breakdowns increases. For example, the electricity in the house may suddenly go out or expensive household appliances may break down, and you will have to give up what you were doing to fix the problem. Your relationships with friends and girlfriends are very unstable. You may not receive support from some friends and may be disappointed by their indifferent behavior. One way or another, lack of money will not allow you to fully experience the joy in life. At the same time, this is a favorable time for those who pay a lot of attention to spiritual practices, developing the ability to concentrate and control their internal physical and psychological state.

Love horoscope for Libra
This week starts with pleasant emotions for Libra lovers. Monday and Tuesday will give them an excellent impetus for further action. But Libra will receive real carte blanche for their active actions on the weekend. When taking the initiative, they should be more careful about awakening familiar “sleeping demons” in their partner.

Career and financial horoscope for Libra
This week can be ambiguous for Libra. Those in leadership positions will be able to best demonstrate their abilities. You will be able to painlessly carry out personnel changes and make changes to the management structure. This is a good period for optimizing expenses and making financial decisions. Focus yourself on the maximum possible rejection of everything that is outdated and has lost its effectiveness. Look for ways to update your business. Additional income may increase. Use the financial resources at your disposal to repay loan debts and pay utility bills. Cooperation with government agencies can be successful. It is possible to win a tender for a government order. You may be drawn to risky financial adventures, but the stars categorically advise you not to do this. The likelihood of technical breakdowns increases, with the need to incur additional financial costs to eliminate them. The stars advise staying in the shadows and not revealing your intentions in public. Thanks to this approach, no one can stop you from achieving your goals.