Leo Weekly Horoscope

11 September 2024
This week could be mixed for Leo. You may be able to achieve impressive results in your professional activities. Try to behave purposefully and consistently, step by step bringing yourself closer to your cherished goal. In general, the week is favorable for your career and income growth. At the same time, try to focus on specific practical activities and do not try to show excessive initiative. If you try to impose something on your superiors, you may be accused of arbitrariness and going beyond your competence. If a conflict situation arises with your superiors, you may change your mind about the prospects for your current job and start looking for a new one. A good time to make financial decisions regarding purchases. Direct your finances to solving issues in the family - this will help improve the psychological climate in the house. This is a good time to start a diet with the goal of losing weight and overall health of the body. At the same time, choose a diet that goes well with increased physical activity.

Leo love horoscope
This week will start enchantingly for Leo lovers. On Monday and Tuesday it will be difficult for them to restrain their feelings and hide their expectations of the situation; it will be difficult to resist temptation. They will be very attractive and may receive a gift or a pleasant surprise. There is a chance to continue this weekend.

Leo finance and career horoscope
This week could be mixed for Leo. The stars advise, as far as possible, to limit personal contacts with superiors and get in touch with higher management if the situation requires it. It is recommended to temporarily abandon your career ambitions and restrain personal initiatives. This is precisely the rare time when personal initiative is punished. Try to conscientiously fulfill your duties and not do what no one asks you to do. Try to control your emotions and restrain yourself from hasty, rash decisions. Interference in other than one's own affairs or activities without proper coordination with superiors will be regarded as arbitrariness, with all the unpleasant consequences that follow. If you are in line with what the authorities expect from you, then you may be offered an additional part-time job. If you yourself occupy a leadership position, then extremely important information may come. Pay close attention to this, as it will help you develop a correct understanding of the current situation and make the right decisions.