Leo Weekly Horoscope

28 August 2024
Lions during this week may experience some discomfort from the lack of sufficient financial resources. You may want to be in solitude and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but someone or something will constantly interfere with you. Keep cash in a safe place, as theft and fraud increases when shopping for goods in the market or in a store. Losses due to equipment breakdowns, wear and tear of personal belongings and the need to spend additional funds on repairs or replacements are not ruled out. The stars advise you to pay maximum attention to financial planning and deal with the cause of the lack of money. Probably the fact that you can earn a good income is only one half of the medal, which does not give a full explanation. The second half of the cause of financial problems can be associated with high costs. The level of expenses can significantly exceed your income. And only strict control over spending can even out the imbalance in your budget. And this means that there may be less joy from buying things. But your romantic and marital relationships come into a state of harmony, your feelings are on the rise.

Leo love horoscope
This week, Leos may lose the opportunity to focus on their romantic experiences with full dedication, but their need for love will remain the same. They will be able to get a new portion of exciting vivid impressions from their personal lives on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Leo finance and career horoscope
Lions this week may have to face complications in business. First of all, we can talk about an uncertain situation in the field of information support. The incoming information may be contradictory, which makes it difficult for you to make a definitive decision. The probability of erroneous actions is high. The stars advise you to postpone your planned business meetings and trips. Try to keep those business connections that you have previously developed, but you should not make new acquaintances. Be prepared for the fact that they may try to influence you in order to push you to certain decisions. Haste in business and impatience can lead to failure. It is difficult to work with information, especially when it comes to vocational training. - It may be difficult for you to integrate the incoming information into the system and make the right decisions. You should not trust accidentally heard information.