Leo Weekly Horoscope

21 August 2024
At the beginning of the week, the Leos may have to face rapid changes in their professional careers. Structural changes may occur in your firm or institution, as a result of which your official position may hang in uncertainty. Also, these days can be associated with drastic changes in relations with higher authorities. Try to correctly assess the situation, acting calmly and balancedly. The middle of the week favors those who are ready to move towards their goal, consistently and methodically, step by step. External circumstances favor you in your career and in everything that you yourself consider to be your first priority. Be prepared for the fact that your words and deeds will be in sight, they will be discussed, and they will talk about you. Perhaps you can do something different. At the end of the week, you may experience a surge in financial needs. It doesn't have to be an objective need. For example, while shopping, you suddenly see on sale a piece of jewelry or fashionable clothes that you have long dreamed of. It will be extremely difficult to resist the desire to get yourself this thing.

Leo love horoscope
This week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays can turn out to be psychologically difficult days for Leo lovers and their partners. If they are not at ease with themselves or are not satisfied with each other in everything, internal disharmony will somehow manifest itself. Not the most comfortable day for both may be Sunday.

Leo finance and career horoscope
At the beginning of the week, Leos may be inclined to act willfully and proactively. You may be dominated by a strong desire to somehow express yourself, your ambitions, to push through your intentions by any means. In extraordinary situations, it will help you persevere. However, if the business is debugged and balanced, this style of behavior can only do harm. This is especially true for executives prone to authoritarian leadership methods. Try to cultivate discipline in yourself. In the middle of the week, you can achieve positive results in almost any activity. It is very important to correctly allocate working time and not waste a single minute. You can get an order that will provide you with work for a long time. Your efforts and talents can be duly appreciated by higher management. Businessmen will benefit from cooperation with government agencies. It is possible to obtain a government order. Financial tensions may intensify at the end of the week. This is especially likely if you decide to shop on the weekend. In this case, the excitement of buying can overpower prudent restraint in spending.