Leo Weekly Horoscope

15 July 2024
At the beginning of the week, the stars do not advise Leos to take any active initiatives in order to resolve professional and career issues. The fact is that at this time you yourself may not have a clear understanding of the situation developing around you. Those ideas that you have, for the most part, may be illusions, phantoms. In addition, external circumstances can change rapidly. Sometimes voicing your intentions means confronting yourself with the fact that it is impossible to achieve your desired goal. Therefore, now it is better to take a wait-and-see attitude. In the middle and second half of the week, a strong thirst for knowledge will appear this week. It is recommended to study intensively, filling gaps in knowledge on the topics that are most interesting to you. These days are good because you can make a qualitative leap in understanding the subjects of study.

Leo love horoscope
This week, Leos are not completely confident in themselves, even if they are incredibly charming. For a date, the stars advise them to choose Wednesday or Thursday. On Sunday, a new initiative from the partner is possible. Despite the provocative moments, it is worth responding to it: such a step has a future.

Leo finance and career horoscope
At the beginning of the week, Leos may experience complications in business partnerships. If you were negotiating, then this week you will be forced to reconsider many of the previously reached preliminary agreements. It is better for managers to refrain from making important decisions. In the middle and at the end of the week there may be a favorable period for executives. You may be capable of making very informed decisions, even if it involves radical reform of the management structure and personnel changes. You may receive valuable information from confidential sources, which you effectively use when making management decisions. Your strength now lies in your ability to properly organize your business structure and concentrate your efforts on the main areas.