Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Dec 22 - Jan 19
August 28 - September 03
Capricorns may miss the signing of an important contract this week. Particular attention should be paid to those who are planning a marriage and are already preparing for the wedding celebration. Don't give a reason to doubt the seriousness of your intentions. This also applies to any kind of contractual relationship between partners. It's a tough time for college students. You run the risk of failing exams or tests, or you will have to prepare additionally and redo test assignments, essays. You may feel a general increase in instability in relationships with people around you, friends and acquaintances. In order not to create unnecessary tension, the stars are advised to simply limit contacts and switch to some other more positive areas of activity. In particular, these days you have an increased likelihood for income growth. Moreover, it can be not only income from the main job, but also from additional part-time work on private orders. It is also a very good time for an in-depth study of spiritual practices, reading mantras, prayers, qigong, yoga, in a quiet solitude. So you will be able to better regulate your internal functions and balance the psyche.

Love horoscope for Capricorn
The events of this week may force Capricorns in love to act more radically or wait for active steps from a partner. A new impetus will be given to temporary romances and unions, where there is an attempt to re-ignite the fire of feelings. For many Capricorns, the new relationship dynamic will turn into psychological stress.

Career and financial horoscope for Capricorn
For Capricorns, this week may be fraught with many problems that need to be addressed immediately. Current affairs can accumulate a lot of work. However, your weakened physical condition due to the decline in the energy of the body will not allow you to withstand heavy loads. In this regard, you may not have time to cope with the planned affairs. Family members and close relatives may refuse to support you. If you are in a leadership position, you may tend to be overly assertive and direct. Despite your activity and willingness to take the initiative, you will constantly find yourself in a difficult situation. The stars advise you not to rush and always, before doing something, first pause and think. Because most of today's problems will be caused by your hasty and reckless behavior. Be diplomatic when interacting with senior management.