Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Jun 22 - Jul 22
August 28 - September 03
Cancers this week may have to deal with aggressive people often. In this regard, it will be difficult for you to achieve mutual understanding when trying to get acquainted or just when communicating. Try to look at yourself from the outside and objectively assess the style of your own communication and behavior. Perhaps you yourself involuntarily provoke people to aggression with your excessive straightforwardness and intolerance. After all, it often happens that the attitude of others around us is a mirror image of our attitude towards them. This is the time when you may be inclined to make hasty promises and then not keep them. Exactly the same can be expected from the promises of other people in relation to you. Perhaps you are taking on an overly intense pace in terms of communicating with others. You may be bombarded with phone calls, invitations to meet, chat, go on a trip or settle a relationship with someone. However, as a result, all this can result in fussy running around and endless conversations with minimal practically useful effect. Therefore, the stars advise you to limit the circle of contacts only to the most significant people for yourself. Slow down and behave calmly and measuredly. And then the world around you will adjust to you.

Love horoscope for Cancer
This week, Cancers should start behaving more carefully if they hope for a long harmonious union. The stars advise you to become more diplomatic and suggest that an excellent occasion for practicing love diplomacy may turn up as early as Friday evening (or perhaps the whole weekend will be an occasion).

Career and financial horoscope for Cancer
Career-oriented Cancers may not have a good week this week. First of all, the stars advise you to pay attention to the information that may come to you during this entire period. Be sure to check it for accuracy. You may be disoriented by false information. In this regard, refrain from making responsible decisions. In a state of uncertainty, there is a high probability of making mistakes and going in the wrong direction. The stars are advised to pay increased attention to the condition of their real estate. A breakdown in the housing and communal services system and the additional troubles and expenses associated with it are not excluded. It is also an unfavorable time for those whose business is closely connected with business partnerships. Important agreements and the negotiation process may be in jeopardy. You risk entering into an open conflict, and this may come as a complete surprise to you. Businessmen are advised to stay away from official authorities.