Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Jun 22 - Jul 22
August 21 - August 27
At the beginning of the week, Cancers can go through very unstable days. The need for change and renewal can push you to take radical action. Those who are oriented towards social activity may, unexpectedly for themselves, apply to join a political party or public organization, start doing socially useful work as volunteers. The circle of your communication may be resolutely renewed, many new people will appear in your field of vision, with whom friendly relations will be established. The middle of the week favors any kind of trips and contacts. At some point, you may realize that you are no longer so interested in solving material issues, such as earning money and buying some things. Sometimes you want to live and work for something more, in particular for the sake of a wonderful future that will definitely come, but which now you really want to clearly imagine. At the end of the week this week, it is not recommended to travel and get acquainted with the purpose of a romantic relationship. You may meet someone who is not really who they say they are. Therefore, such acquaintances are fraught with deceit and disappointment.

Love horoscope for Cancer
This week, Cancer love scenarios remain far from ideal, but they continue to give them food for thought. An important part of the novel will be sociability and awareness. Try to constantly keep in touch with your passion, share news or ideas, and talk about possible problems.

Career and financial horoscope for Cancer
At the beginning of the week, Cancers may have a financially unstable situation. Despite the fact that you will put a lot of effort into work and show interest in solving material problems, however, there is no more money in the budget. Refrain from purchases that are not currently necessary. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to stop your buying excitement, and you risk going over budget. In the middle of the week, the stars are advised to focus on strengthening business ties. This is the most successful line of business. You will be able to solve any problems that arise during the day by involving other people in the sphere of your economic interests. Your intellectual abilities may be enhanced, allowing you to quickly analyze information and benefit from it. At the end of the week, there may be complications in trading activities and transport. Logistics schemes with the delivery of goods may be violated.