Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Jan 20 - Feb 19
September 04 - September 10
Aquarius may have a productive week to improve their living conditions. If you have been making plans for a long time and are making financial preparations to buy an apartment or to replace a small apartment with a larger one, then you can submit a request to the bank for a mortgage loan. There is a high probability that the mortgage will be approved, and your housing plans may gain real prospects. Another positive theme of the week may be related to major purchases for your home, which may make your living conditions more comfortable. We can talk about buying a set of upholstered furniture, a kitchen and expensive household appliances. It is interesting to note that you may have a friendly and benevolent psychological atmosphere in your family. If you have a country house or dacha, then it’s good to go there with the whole family to harvest crops and prepare food for the winter. All decisions in the family can be made jointly, after discussion at the family council. You can carry out renovations in one of the rooms of the apartment. Communication with older members of the family may lead to the decision to make a will.

Love horoscope for Aquarius
This week, the stars recommend Aquarius lovers to pay as much attention as possible to the exciting and unusual moments of Monday and Tuesday: they may turn out to be a fateful sign or a turning point that directs their romantic relationship in a new direction or returns it to the old one.

Career and financial horoscope for Aquarius
This week can be successful for solving current practical issues. Aquarians are advised to make efforts to strengthen the security of their business, especially in terms of real estate. Owners of shops, hotels, clubs, and restaurants can install the latest video monitoring and alarm systems, strengthen doors and locks. You can conduct an inventory of movable and immovable property - after all, you must know exactly what resources you have. This is a good time to resolve issues regarding inherited property. Focus yourself on practical activities and do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You can renovate premises, equip them with modern furniture and technical equipment. Try to give preference to traditional methods of work and refrain from all kinds of experiments. If you have debt obligations, but are unable to pay on time, then try to negotiate with creditors on installment payments.