Libra Horoscope For August 22

Sep 23 - Oct 23
22 August 2023
Stars tell Libra that the situations of this day can lead to extravagance. In the morning, considerations of economy and caution may prevail, but as events unfold, large appetites may well prevail. Inflated requests, in turn, may prompt the search for additional sources of financing, for example, a loan or a friendly loan with the expectation of a return in the future.

Love horoscope for Libra
Today, Libra should not ignore the sensual side of love. Perhaps it's time to somehow emphasize your sexual attractiveness. It is worth remembering that this day is conducive to emotional, financial and other generosity, as well as the lack of a sense of proportion. Carried away, it is easy to cross the invisible line.

Career and financial horoscope for Libra
Libra today is better to lead a quiet and secluded lifestyle and work should be associated with in-depth study and concentration. This is not the best time to work as part of a creative team. If you have a meeting of shareholders or a union meeting, then you will not lose anything if you miss it. Keep everything under personal control and do not rely on a lucky break.