Leo Horoscope For September 04

Jul 23 - Aug 22
4 September 2023
Today the stars advise Leos to be purposeful. For the sake of a career or a big goal, it is worth communicating with influential friends: this is a more reliable path than trying to increase your personal rating. The day can give great ideas in informal areas of activity, help you join a prestigious club of interests or find sponsors for the implementation of an original project. Unexpected acquisitions are possible.

Love horoscope for Leo
The situations of this day incline Leo lovers towards expansive and extravagant behavior, but they will often find it difficult to keep up with the scale of originality of their partner. The date will be unusual and memorable, leaving a mark on the love story. Another unexpected twist is possible in the novel.

Career and financial horoscope for Leo
Leos are advised to avoid contact with their superiors and not appear in their field of vision in the first half of the day, if possible. Your immediate supervisor's behavior may be extremely inconsistent. Do not rush to immediately start executing your next assignment - it may be canceled in the afternoon.