Leo Horoscope For August 22

Jul 23 - Aug 22
22 August 2023
Today, Lions may have household chores, family secrets, and housing issues in the foreground. The emotional side of the day will present the greatest difficulty: many Leos will become sensitive and capricious, they will expect increased attention to themselves, their tastes and needs. Possible laziness, extravagance, craving for luxury and comfort, aversion to routine or everyday life, buying excesses instead of necessary.

Love horoscope for Leo
On this day, the hopes of Lions in love are often overstated. They can wait for expensive gifts or violent admiration, test a loved one for strength with their whims. They will have to come to terms with the fact that not all of their whims and special desires will be fulfilled. There is a risk of making a fatal mistake in love.

Career and financial horoscope for Leo
On this day, Leos may be prone to hasty and reckless decisions. The desire to take the initiative may be dictated mainly by your strong emotional impulse. However, for success in business, it is necessary to coordinate your actions with loved ones and colleagues. On this day, things related to real estate can be complicated.