Pisces Monthly Horoscope August

August 2023
Fish in August are advised to pay special attention to their health. The fact is that during this period in your body there may be an energy decline with a weakening of the body's defenses. Despite the summer time, do not forget to dress for the weather, be sure to carry an umbrella with you. It will be enough for you to get under a cold pouring rain or a draft to start the process of a cold in your body with all the ensuing unpleasant consequences. Protect your nervous system from stress. A conflict situation with aggressive people can throw you off balance. In connection with the above, there may be a state of general stubbornness, increased fatigue. Physical overload can negatively affect your well-being and lead to a decline in the level of performance. Try to evenly distribute the load, alternating work with rest breaks. August is favorable for maintaining and developing harmonious partnerships. A partner or partner in marriage will delight you with a willingness to make concessions, agree and help in everything. If you were previously in a quarrel, then you can calmly discuss all the problematic points, come to a mutual compromise and reconcile. A great time to get married and attend a wedding celebration as invited guests. You can and should go out with a partner to social events. A good time to conduct any negotiations and sign final agreements. The most successful days in August: 2, 3, 16, 17, 31. Busy days: 9, 11, 12, 21.

Love horoscope for Pisces
In August, it is undesirable for Pisces to leave a dialogue with a loved one. You should not erect a blank wall of silence between him and yourself or create an insurmountable distance in the form of emotional coldness. It does not hurt to know the measure in criticism: a partner can be sarcastic, but touchy. Any conversation can drag on and you should not be afraid of this: this is an excellent occasion to get to know each other's views better.

Career and financial horoscope for Pisces
In Pisces, August can be ambiguous for business activity. Much will depend on what exactly you have to do. The greatest difficulties can arise when working in a work team. Maybe an emergency in the current work. There is a risk of falling behind the schedule when the deadlines begin to run out, and you will be forced to make great efforts to have time to do everything that you promised. It is not necessary to count on the help and support of colleagues and subordinates. Try to do all the work yourself. Don't underestimate the quality of your work. Mistakes made in a hurry will have to be corrected, spending additional time and effort on this. Avoid unnecessary showdowns and criticisms of colleagues. Protect your nervous system from stress. To work more productively, try to isolate yourself from informational interference. The less contacts you have on extraneous topics, the more productive this month will be. The most successful direction for the application of forces may be associated with business partnerships. Negotiations are going well. Your counterparties can behave adequately and make concessions if necessary. Things will go well when working in the service sector.