Libra Monthly Horoscope September

1 September 2024
The month of September as a whole may turn out favorably for Libra, who prefers to lead a quiet and calm lifestyle. This especially applies to those who regularly engage in spiritual practices in an atmosphere of silence and solitude. Yoga, qigong and autogenic training classes are successfully completed. Chanting mantras and meditation will help you achieve a higher level of spiritual development. A modest and inconspicuous lifestyle will allow you to achieve success in everyday affairs. Your income may increase, especially related to additional part-time work when completing private orders and remote freelance work. If you are legally entitled to receive benefits, compensation, or subsidies, then you can safely prepare all the necessary documents for this. You can conduct secret negotiations and seek support from an influential patron. It is good to study psychology and esoteric sciences. Some of you may feel the manifestation of psychic abilities within yourself. For example, at certain moments you can anticipate the course of events and worry in advance to avoid troubles. However, unexpected incidents may occur in the second half of September. As a result, some of your plans may have to be adjusted quickly. Financial issues can get complicated. Relationships with some friends and girlfriends may suddenly worsen. Try to avoid actions with irreversible consequences. Before you take a step, think about how to go back and fix everything. The most successful days in September: 1, 9, 11, 21, 29. Busy days: 15, 16, 18, 19, 28.

Libra love horoscope
In September, Libra becomes more passionate and adventurous. Some Libras will not dare to take the initiative, but will actively push their partner to it - and not without success. The brightest will be the 3rd decade of September. Whether reviving an old game or trying to open a new chapter, it's important not to repeat old mistakes. If a partner is sometimes harsh, jealous or vindictive, you should not “mirror” him in the same style.

Libra finance and career horoscope
Throughout September, Libra will be able to increase their influence on the course of events. Your strength during this period is your ability to see the hidden springs that move people and events. And you, like an eminence grise, may be able to quietly influence what is happening. Businesses related to temporary income and additional part-time work will go most successfully. If you know how to do something professionally besides your main job, then it’s good to advertise your services. Considering the likelihood of an increase in financial income, use the free money at your disposal primarily to pay utility bills and to repay loans early. The fact is that in the second half of September an unstable financial situation may develop and you will not always have free financial resources. For businessmen, the search for investors may not lead to a positive result. Refrain from financial borrowing and planning. Do not lend money to anyone and do not borrow money yourself. Due to technical failures, the scheduled work schedule may have to be revised.