Leo Monthly Horoscope August

August 2023
Lions in August may encounter difficulties in realizing their intentions. If you want to achieve something, then you need to correctly measure your strengths and the degree of complexity of the task before you. It is necessary to take on realistically achievable goals. And at the same time, it is important to consider whose interests you can affect with your actions. The point is that this month there is a high probability that your actions will affect the interests of influential people. So you run the risk of getting into trouble. The simplest example of this can be a professional activity, when you, at your own discretion, begin to do what the authorities do not expect from you. And you will ignore the orders and orders of the authorities. In this case, you hurt the interests of an influential person in whose power you are. The stars advise you to dampen your ambitions and try to be more flexible in accordance with the circumstances. Otherwise, you may be in trouble. At the same time, August is developing successfully for multiplying your movable property. The level of income tends to rise. The budget is successfully replenished and at the same time your financial opportunities are growing. Thanks to practicality, you will be able to make the right decisions when shopping. And your purchases can be distinguished by their usefulness and good value for money. It is interesting to note that during this period your appetite may increase. Unbeknownst to yourself, you can increase the diet and by the end of the month you may find that you have added a few kilograms of extra weight. If it matters to you, then you can sit on an easy child for a couple of weeks. The most successful days in August: 3, 4, 6, 7, 31. Busy days: 8, 9, 11, 12, 27.

Love horoscope for Leo
August will replenish the collection of love experiences of Leo, add impressions or food for thought to them. The romantic story drags on, the rapid development of events and the ending are still unlikely. A tendency to excesses, ostentatious gestures, narcissism is possible. Love addiction may persist. The good news is that there is time to sort out your own feelings and separate imaginary love from true love.

Career and financial horoscope for Leo
Lions in August will be able to increase their performance in their careers, provided that they can cope with their ambitions. The stars are not advised to take straightforward actions aimed at career advancement. Try to stay in the background and keep your opinions to yourself. It is especially important to strictly follow the instructions of the authorities and refrain from personal initiatives. Although during this period you tend to act independently and not take into account other people's opinions. This can lead to difficulties in understanding with superiors. If you yourself are in a leadership position, then refrain from making decisions under the influence of an emotional impulse. Try to keep your emotions under control and not show your displeasure to others. Meanwhile, this is a great period for extracting material profit from the prevailing circumstances. You may be lucky in money and there is a chance to significantly increase your income. Try to keep up with the work schedule and strictly follow the office instructions. It is recommended to act by traditional, repeatedly proven methods and not change anything in the established practice. Your diligence and consistency in actions can lead to the desired result.