Taurus 2023 Horoscope

For Taurus, 2023 will be a turning point and memorable. This is a year full of crises and shocks, as well as high achievements, fateful events. Why? Because there are several astrological trends going through this sign at once. Firstly, it is Uranus, which has been in the sign of Taurus since 2017. This planet moves very slowly, and passes one zodiac sign in 7 years.

Thus, in 2023, Uranus will have passed more than half of the way, and will affect those Taurus who were born in the period from May 5 to May 15.

Uranus is a planet of surprises and surprises, and any event that is formed by this planet is also abrupt and unexpected. Like a bolt from the blue. Something may happen that you did not plan at all. The passage of Uranus through the Sun can give both a quick marriage and a sudden divorce, as an unplanned move, and an unexpected change of profession. On this aspect, we can get carried away with astrology, since it is Uranus who is the patron of this teaching.

The probability of such events will be especially strong during its static period: at the end of January and at the end of August.

The next strong trend is eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis in the new year. Eclipses are a powerful fateful factor that measures the course of our lives. Most of the bright events in life, both bad and good, occur precisely on eclipses. To understand in which area the event will take place, we can recall what happened 19 and 9.5 years ago. Most likely, the same topics will be played again. Not literally, of course. For example, 19 years ago you became a mother, and now you will become a grandmother.

Or 9.5 years ago you left far from your homeland for permanent residence, and now you will return.

Horoscope for Taurus women 2023

For women under the sign of Taurus, this year is not easy, especially for those born in the period from May 1 to May 10. Uranus passing through the Sun can bring a crisis period in marriage or in a husband, problems with his father, health troubles. Positive manifestations of Uranium can be: finding new friends, joining a large team of like-minded people, participating in major modern projects, events related to children.

Horoscope for Taurus men 2023

A good year to join new projects, to introduce innovative technologies into your business, to start working in social networks and freelancing. Uranus is connected to the Internet and new technologies, and Jupiter is responsible for the growth and expansion, the growth of popularity and authority. The best time is from January to May, while Jupiter will be in the sign of Pisces. Initiatives related to health, medicine, creativity and charity will be successful. A great time to start political activity, if you have such plans.

Taurus love horoscope 2023

A difficult year for relationships, a period of trials and difficulties. For women in marriage, there is a great threat of a break in relations, a crisis. Especially at the end of January and at the end of August. For men - the desire for freedom, independence, strange and unpredictable behavior. Free Taurus women can count on meeting a very extraordinary man, a real rebel and intellectual. And Taurus men can find their love in June, when Venus will pass through this sign.

Venus in Taurus is a woman associated with finance, art, or the catering industry.

Taurus financial horoscope 2023

Taurus itself is an earthly, material sign, closely related to money. Taurus people often work in the banking and financial sector. This year, any initiatives related to modern technologies will be good – cryptocurrencies, financial exchanges, investments in modern high-tech projects. However, you should not rush into the pool with your head, first you need to study the database well, understand how it all works. Otherwise, you can miss a lot, and lose a large amount.

A good year for currency transactions, especially from January to May. But spending can also increase. All major purchases should be well-thought-out, you should not make impulsive spending.

Taurus health horoscope 2023

There are a lot of health risks in 2023. The overall injury rate is greatly increased. Especially, you should be afraid of electricity and electrical injuries, falls from a height. Perhaps it is worth avoiding electricity in treatment, for example, during physiotherapy. The nervous system and sleep can be naughty. A good solution and a way to protect yourself will be the use of modern mobile applications for health, or the purchase of a modern type of transport: a bicycle, a gyro scooter, an electric scooter, etc.