Pisces 2023 Horoscope

A very fateful and happy year for Pisces. This is just the rare case when no conditionally "evil" planet makes negative aspects to the sign. In particular, Uranus and Pluto enter into a harmonious relationship with the sign of Pisces from the signs of Capricorn and Taurus, and Saturn – the main celestial "overseer" - does not interact with Pisces in any way, because it is in a neighboring sign.

But the main thing is that both the rulers of the Pisces sign - Neptune and Jupiter - unite in this sign in the new year. This is a very powerful event for all Fish! This is actually the "zeroing out" of the past negativity and new, wonderful horizons. Jupiter is also a planet of "great happiness" in astrology, so definitely every representative of the sign will receive his "gift" from Jupiter this year.

Which one and on what scale depends on the strength of Jupiter in your personal horoscope, and on which sector of the horoscope it is located.

However, we can safely say that all the most interesting things will happen in the first half of the year, since already in May Jupiter moves to the sign of Aries, and will stay there until November, after which it will return to Pisces again for a short time. The most energetically strong month is March, when, in fact, the conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune will take place. It will especially affect the late Fish born from about March 7 to March 18.

Do not miss this time, be sure to form some intentions, plans, dreams, because Pisces is the most dreamy sign of the Zodiac. And the most important thing is that their dreams often come true!

There is a high probability of some kind of event at this time. A new offer, an opportunity, a chance–anything. Be sure to use your luck and agree! This is a time of real miracles, when you can meet a fabulous "prince", get a "dream job" or a very valuable gift. It is also a great time for a new education, training, possibly an internship or a long business trip abroad. Especially if your profession is related to medicine, natural resources, raw materials, creativity and esotericism.

Horoscope for Pisces women for 2023

Many female Fish will fall in love in 2023, and it will be mutual. Sublime feelings and a sea of romance - that's what Jupiter and Neptune can bring to women. It is also very likely that there will be a replenishment in the family, the birth of children or grandchildren. A good year for pilgrimage to holy places, as well as for sea trips and cruises. It is very possible that on such a trip you will have an incredible meeting that will change your life.

Horoscope for Pisces men for 2023

Pisces's men can get a very profitable offer related to work, business or partnership. In any case, your consent will bring you good dividends and prospects for the future. There is a chance to find a large client, or significantly expand your business. In family life, there is also a high probability of becoming a father, and taking a fresh look at the world and yourself.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2023

In addition to dizzying infatuations, many Pisces will marry, and, by the way, this is a very good time for a wedding, if you had such plans. Especially March. BUT! Do not register a relationship in January, this is a very unfavorable period, because of the difficult situation of Venus, the planet of marriage. You need to understand that the date of marriage is extremely important, an unsuccessful one can greatly complicate your life, and a happy one can help even in the most difficult period of family life.

Pisces financial horoscope 2023

A great year for financial initiatives as well. Successful investments, profitable loans and loans, winnings of large sums and gifts - this is not a complete list of cash bonuses for Fish this year. Plan any financial initiatives for March-April or the end of August.

Pisces health horoscope 2023

No serious health threats are expected in the new year. And in general, in order to improve and maintain the health of Fish, it is recommended to have a full sleep (and preferably daytime, including) and regular contact with wildlife, animals and water. This preserves excellent health, youth and strong immunity for representatives of this zodiac sign.