Libra 2023 Horoscope

Representatives of the Libra sign will spend the coming year in a calm mode, without steep turns and zigzags of fate. Almost all "heavyweight" planets, such as Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune, will not touch this sign. Namely, they form the most vivid and memorable events in life. The only exception is late Libra, born in the period from October 17 to October 22 (approximately).

Why? Because they will be influenced by Pluto – the most powerful transforming planet of all. Pluto moves very slowly: for about twenty years it passes only one zodiac sign! Now he is in Capricorn, or rather, at the very end of Capricorn, in the last degrees. And he entered this sign already in 2008.

So, Pluto always brings drastic changes, often completely destroys the old life in order to make room for a new one. In no case should you resist the events that he brings, even if they seem very negative to you. In the end, you will be grateful to fate for them, because the new thing that you get instead of the old one will be an order of magnitude better.

The rest of the Scales do not have to worry about vital turbulence. Rather, on the contrary, we can expect stability, and in some places even "freebies". After all, one of the "heavyweights" - Saturn - will very harmoniously influence the sign of Libra from the related Aquarius. It will especially vividly affect those born in the period from October 2 to October 12.

Harmonious aspects of Saturn to the Sun, as a rule, bring professional successes and achievements, growth of social status, strengthening of positions in the market (if you are engaged in business).

Saturn is also connected with real estate, and many Libras will have the opportunity to successfully solve the housing issue. And if you are looking for a job, then the positive influence of this planet will give you a chance to get a promising and prestigious place. Since both the Sun and Saturn in astrology are associated with the archetype of the father, we can expect positive changes in the life of the pope.

Horoscope for Libra women 2023

Libra women have a good chance of entering into an official marriage in the new year, since Saturn is associated with the official registration of relationships. Just do not do this at the beginning of the year - in January and February, because at this time the planet of love – Venus - will be in retrograde motion, and in severe aspects.

Horoscope for Libra men for 2023

Men will have a great year to build a career and other social achievements. It is also a good time to start a political or social activity. You will enjoy the authority of others, and your opinion will be listened to. Perhaps you will find new friends and like-minded people, join a real or virtual community of interests.

Libra love horoscope 2023

In Libra's personal life, there will rather be a lull, and even the registration of marriage, which was mentioned above, will be more of a planned event than some kind of surprise. Nevertheless, free Libra of both sexes have chances for an interesting new acquaintance in October, February and July. And for those who are already in a long-term relationship, everything will only strengthen and stabilize.

Libra financial horoscope 2023

An unremarkable year in financial terms. However, the same late Libra (October 17-22) has high risks of financial losses due to the negative influence of Pluto. It is not recommended to take risks and invest, as well as take loans and loans. The rest of Libra would do well to build a long-term financial strategy and start implementing it – Saturn loves planning.

Libra health horoscope 2023

In the second half of the year, when Jupiter enters the sign of Aries, and will negatively affect Libra, it is worth limiting yourself in nutrition and alcoholic beverages, since the liver will be at risk. For the same reason, you should not use any medications without consulting a doctor. Otherwise, Libra's health will be excellent.