Leo 2023 Horoscope

Well, the coming year will be very memorable for many Lions. Crises, shocks, limitations and obstacles are one side of the coin. A 180-degree reversal of life, a sharp rise, a reward for years of work – the other side. Someone will see only one side, someone will see both. The result strongly depends on the accumulated experience, lessons learned and, most importantly, the labors of the past few years.

Why works? Because the sign of Leo intensely aspects Saturn - the examiner planet, the planet of painstaking work, perseverance and perseverance.

And if in previous years you did not beat the bucket in anticipation of a silver platter, did not shift responsibility for your life to others, in general, did not get into the infantile position of a child, then your efforts will be rewarded. In general, Saturn and the whole of 2022 also interacted with the sign of Leo, but it was mainly the Lions of the first decade - born in the period from July 22 to August 1. Now it will affect those who were born later, from August 2 to August 12 (plus/minus 1 day).

But Saturn is far from the only one who actively influences the sign of Leo. Uranus does the same, and, moreover, in the same degrees, so its influence will also extend mainly to those born from August 2 to 12. Uranus is a hurricane planet, a rebel planet, a surprise planet. He always acts abruptly and unexpectedly, like a bolt from the blue. On a psychological level, he often gives a sudden need for freedom, independence, the absence of limits and restrictions.

You may feel a sudden desire to quit your job, leave your family, take off all responsibility and all obligations.

This is a strong temptation, and perhaps it is justified in your case. And maybe not. But in any case, it's not worth flogging the fever and chopping from the shoulder. It is better to make a plan, a strategy (Saturn loves it), and follow it step by step. Because the effect of Uranium will pass in a year, and work or family will not be returned. And before making a decision, it is worth thinking about everything well and weighing it.

Horoscope for women Leo for 2023

For Leo women, the threat of Uranus and Saturn concerns, firstly, the spouse and father, since it is for these figures that the Sun in the female horoscope is responsible. Crisis in marriage, health problems with her husband or father. A difficult year. However, if you are a free or socially active woman, then the influence of these planets can give you a promotion, a leadership position, or a sudden change in the direction of your activities.

Horoscope for men Leo for 2023

The crisis in the Leo man will be more related to his self-esteem, with reflections on the meaning of life, with an assessment of the path already traveled and his successes. And if he is dissatisfied with his achievements in the end, then the desire to give up everything and start anew will be very great. And that's not always a bad thing. Maybe this year will be the beginning of something grandiose and beautiful for you, and then you will say thank you to Grandpa Saturn and rebel Uranus for this.

Love horoscope for Leo for 2023

As you probably already guessed – love will not be the central theme in the life of Lviv in the new year, there will be more practical classes) But for women, there will be a good opportunity for interesting meetings or even serious relationships when Jupiter enters the sign of Aries, and makes a positive aspect with the sign of Leo. This is the period from May to November - catch your luck by the tail. Men can also smile at the goddess of love in August-September, when Venus will pass by the sign of Leo.

Financial horoscope for Leo for 2023

With finances, too, there can be jumps - then thick, then empty. On the one hand - Saturn, which limits everything, and on the other – Uranus and Jupiter, which can bring very large sums, and from completely unexpected sources. You can try to play the lottery, especially on static Uranium - at the end of January, and at the end of August.

Health horoscope for Leo for 2023

It is worth being very attentive to the heart and the cardiovascular system this year. Also, you should not engage in extreme hobbies related to height and speed. Even if you are a seasoned climber or biker - skip the season this year, take care of yourself. Because the risk of injury is very high.