Aquarius 2023 Horoscope

All Aquarius have passed a very important period in their lives this year, and the new year, 2023, will give development to the changes that were laid down in 2023. Why was the outgoing year so important for Aquarius? Because at the very beginning of the year, in the first degree of this sign (the first degree of any sign is the most powerful), a historic event took place – the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

These are two so-called "social planets" in astrology, which are responsible for the currents in society and the development of our civilization. This connection laid the foundations for a new 20-year cycle, and in general served as a kind of reference point for a new era – the age of Aquarius. According to world astrology, our planet seems to change the zodiac sign approximately every 2 thousand years. And so, after the two-thousand-year-old era of Pisces, we are gradually moving into the age of Aquarius.

This means that we are increasingly moving away from religiosity, "magical thinking" and the raw materials' economy, with which the Pisces sign is associated, and we are increasingly focusing on science, technology, new technologies, which Aquarius symbolizes. Therefore, for all representatives of this sign, now comes the golden time when you can realize all your ideas, talents and abilities to the maximum. Aquarius will be noticed, invited, promoted, invested, both in themselves and in their projects.

All last year, the planet of possibilities - Jupiter - followed the sign of Aquarius and brought these very new opportunities to the representatives of the sign. In the new year, we will have to work hard for the best realization of these chances. And labor is already connected with Saturn, which will remain in this sign until the end of 2023. Saturn is the "great examiner", the "god of time", who tests the strength of the zodiac sign he passes through. Saturn spends about three years in each sign.

Saturn can force you to give up something important this year, limit your freedom of choice, and call you to account. You need to accept these lessons calmly, with the understanding that they are given only for the growth and development of your personality, and not as a punishment from heaven.

Horoscope for Aquarius women for 2023

This year can be very contrasting for Aquarian women: someone will get divorced, and someone will get married, someone will get sick, someone will be cured, someone will be promoted, and someone will be reduced. The negative or positive version of the forecast will be lost - it depends on how you lived the previous 7 years. Saturn will give out rewards if they are deserved, and will take away even what is needed - if it is not deserved. The Saturn effect will be especially pronounced on women born from February 1 to February 10.

Horoscope for Aquarius men for 2023

A difficult year for self-realization and self-expression. You can feel a crisis of ideas, lack of energy and problems with self-esteem. The best recipe for the prevention of such conditions is responsibility and duty. In no case, do not give up what you started this year, do not walk away from responsibility for yourself, your loved ones or your responsibilities. A little patience – and you will be rewarded for perseverance and willpower.

Aquarius love horoscope for 2023

Oddly enough, this is a good year to get married. But only if he is mature, if both partners are self-sufficient people who share joys, sorrows, and responsibilities for two. However, the probability of divorces and breaks in Aquarius this year is very high. However, you should not regret these relationships: Saturn destroys only what was already fragile. Well, free Aquarius can be told that February is the most interesting and promising month for dating.

Financial horoscope for Aquarius 2023

There are big risks of financial losses, especially in the first half of the year. It is not worth taking risks with investments, questionable transactions and impulsive purchases. Since May, the situation has been improving slightly, and we can expect an increase in revenue, more orders, customers, etc. Also, the second half of the year is good for various startups and initiatives in the field of IT, science, sports and metallurgy.

Health horoscope for Aquarius 2023

A dangerous period for health as well. Especially - the end of January and the end of August. The risks of injury, especially related to electricity and height, as well as the likelihood of problems with teeth and musculoskeletal system. Be attentive to yourself, do not overload, and pass preventive examinations on time.