Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

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The relationship between two representatives of the same sign is never easy - especially if they belong to the elements of the Earth. Partners are like reflections to each other, but not everyone can draw conclusions and accept shortcomings. Virgos are distinguished by rationality and even dryness. There is no place for emotionality, romance and feelings in their compatibility. Both partners are more likely to notice each other's mistakes, I am happy to criticize them, trying to get to the truth in each case.
As already noted earlier, Virgos are loners who prefer the privacy of the company of others. They love people and communication, but due to their desire for perfection in everything, they avoid long-term relationships because of the disappointments associated with them. So why check for compatibility of two singles at all? There is no definite answer. Perhaps the "inner critic" living in Virgo needs a connection with "external critics"? In other words, a partner can become a reflection of the processes taking place in themselves. When Virgo and Virgo enter into a relationship, it is implied that both will strive to harmonize this imperfect world.

They understand that criticism will hurt, but at the same time they are aware that it is used to correct defects. There are many rules that Virgo adheres to in their relationships and that no one will follow as strictly (once they are established) as their zodiac counterparts. Virgo is a changeable, that is, a dual sign, because it is natural for each partner to show their own specific characteristics, including those that are directly opposite in behavioral terms. In this case, we can talk about the compatibility of Virgo and non-Virgo. Often one of these partners is socially active - likes to go out, while the other prefers solitude and solitude. In a sense, this polarity is even useful.
If you respect the needs of your partner, you are able to do a lot of good for each other. Virgo is a sign of service, Mother Teresa was born under him, so those whom he controls tend to pay close attention to their loved ones. Your case is quite complicated, because you have to identify the dynamics of four separate components. As mentioned above, if one of the partners acts as a Virgo, the other may not turn into a Virgo - and at any moment they are able to switch roles. This statement sounds strange, but you will appreciate its validity if you carefully observe your relationship throughout the day. One of you may be attentive and helpful, while the other will be critical and seek solitude. Later, you yourself will suddenly become noisy and excited, unlike a silent, self-absorbed partner. Such a transition of roles is found in any relationship, but it is much more noticeable in a couple consisting of people of the same sign.

Speaking about the compatibility of this couple, it should be said that the worst feature of Virgo is your desire to look like martyrs - that is, in order to get what you want, to play the role of a sufferer. By following each other's behavior, you will easily discover the corresponding symptoms. It all starts with sharp remarks to the partner, followed by more and more serious complaints, the resolution of which is not possible, and then everything goes back to normal. These signs indicate that one of you urgently needs privacy. If it is impossible for some reason, with a high degree of probability, we can expect a repeat of the incidents. It is very painful for your Virgo to feel her own unappreciation and inability to fulfill her obligations. Most of the negative emotions will be directed at you, because you don't feel anything like that yet, but since everything is fair in this love, sooner or later you will also have to find yourself in a similar emotional pit.
In the professional sphere, Virgos are looking not only for financial benefits, but also for satisfaction from working together. Success for both partners is more than likely. In order to feel comfortable, they need a moral justification for their activities. There is no need to look for financial benefits for both of you, because this is not the most important thing in your field of activity, one of the main things is satisfaction from your work.
Virgo and Virgo can seriously surprise their partners when it comes to intimacy with them. A pure and decent Virgo, under suitable conditions, turns into a sexual fury capable of shocking almost anyone - except another Virgo. There is an amazing spiritual compatibility between these two. Both understand that their personal life will not go beyond the bedroom, so you can "come off" in full. Partners treat each other with respect and use methods of treatment acceptable to the partner. Neither of them likes to waste time on empty amusements, so after sex they start doing household chores again. One will change the sheets, and the other will vacuum.