Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

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Taurus and Virgo are quite similar in character, they are friendly and balanced, they quite successfully eliminate minor contradictions through negotiations and compromises. These two signs are remarkably compatible in all spheres, they will always understand each other and find a solution in case of problems. A partner born under the sign of Taurus is more stubborn, prefers to insist and lead, than he can hurt a more vulnerable and compliant Virgo. Virgos are disgusted by the very fact of a quarrel, they prefer to resolve conflicts peacefully. If Taurus compromises, the union will be successful.
Representatives of these two signs can really get a good compatibility, because they have a lot in common – they are hardworking, conscientious, have a good mind. This is not surprising, because both Taurus and Virgo belong to the same element – the element of the Earth, this explains their special practicality. Neither Taurus nor Virgo will waste their lives on fruitless dreams, while they positively influence each other, mutually reinforcing their qualities and adding to each other what he lacks.

Practical Virgo, allows Taurus to realize his creative abilities more fully, on the other hand, Virgo clearly lacks spiritual subtlety and Taurus will help her in this. Partners may themselves be surprised at how much they actually have in common. Moreover, mutual love allows them to forget about their pragmatism for a while and not evaluate a partner solely in terms of how much he earns. On the other hand, both make every effort to ensure that the other does not need anything.
Did you know that Virgo does not like perfume from partners, he prefers a natural smell? And he is also a very intelligent and subtle conversationalist, he has a calm and gentle character. And even if Virgo suddenly gets started because of some trifle, he is usually very forgiving and such an outbreak does not last long. And compatibility is not in danger.

On the other hand, Virgos are characterized by a constant feeling of anxiety that lives somewhere in the depths of their body. And the thing is that people born under this sign are not used to throwing out their emotions in public. So they have been accumulating somewhere inside for many years. This often leads to numerous diseases, ranging from gastritis to arthritis or rheumatism. That's where you come in, Taurus. A plate of fresh soup served on time or a carefully prepared hot bath truly works wonders.
The business cooperation of Taurus and Virgo will also be very fruitful, and it does not matter which of the partners will occupy a higher position. Both Taurus and Virgo have a cold mind, while they are able to act completely independently. This union will be able to carry out the most daring undertakings, because both partners have natural abilities for commerce, but neither one nor the other will take risks unnecessarily. Taurus and Virgo will be able to bring any enterprise to the payback point and above.
As for compatibility in intimate relationships, there may be certain differences. The fact is that Virgos have a refined nature, so the unrestrained and assertiveness of Taurus can discourage them somewhat. Taurus approaches sexual pleasures quite straightforwardly, whereas Virgo has a certain ceremoniousness in this matter.

However, if both partners learn to trust each other and put very little effort into it, then they will have a complete idyll in the bedroom. Mutual tenderness, affection, pleasant communication – this is quite enough to completely remove the initial tension from the relationship between Taurus and Virgo. If the partners manage to agree in the bedroom, then the other aspects of the joint existence of Taurus and Virgo will not bring problems.