Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

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Between Virgo and Scorpio, a long and lasting relationship filled with love and mutual understanding is quite possible. Both signs are distinguished by constancy and are always faithful to their partner. In the compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio, a truly magical attraction immediately appears, they understand each other's feelings and needs literally at first sight. Both signs are prone to self-examination, which allows them to get to know and understand each other better. Partners complement each other perfectly, they have everything they need for a long and happy relationship.
As already noted, signs that are one step apart from each other (in this case, they are separated by Libra) have a natural inclination to each other. First of all, we are talking about the compatibility of the elements (Earth and Water), which serves as the basis for a delightful relationship. Each of them is deep in its own way. Virgo is not afraid to take responsibility for resolving any situation, Scorpios are able to dissect any problem. However, their initial motivation is different. The primary attitude of Virgins is their desire to benefit. Following it, they will do everything necessary to correct an unacceptable situation.

Scorpios are engaged in a preventive analysis of circumstances in order to be prepared in advance for a possible threat. These two have karmic similarities. Each of them instinctively feels that the partner's knowledge will be for his benefit. Speaking about compatibility, it is worth noting that Scorpios trust few people, but with Virgos their suspicion quickly disappears - and for good reason. Virgos are distinguished by the extreme directness that Scorpios feel. In turn, Virgo understands that their Scorpions get into a fighting stance when they are very scared of something, having determined the causes of their anxiety, Virgo knows exactly what kind of help they need.
Scorpio, the most difficult thing for you is to understand the Virgo's need for solitude. You yourself like to be alone, but you feel safe only in the presence of friends. Virgos need to be alone with themselves, and you should accept it. Another negative (at least for you) feature of Virgins is their virtue, in the sense that all their actions are appropriate. The problem is that they are usually right, and this circumstance can infuriate you, but do not get excited. You need to remember that their impeccable behavior is caused by the fear of possible condemnation. You can help your Virgo if you don't pay attention to her manners and give her protection.
The professional compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio depends on the conditions in which they work. The comfort and conditions in which they cooperate are of paramount importance. The specifics of this pair are discussions about how to plan work wisely, attention is paid to holidays, traditions of the company or group. The compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio in work is very high, thanks to the practicality of the first and the purposefulness of the second.

Both are endowed with diligence and know how to bring the matter to the point. An interested Scorpio is rushing like an APC. Virgo, gifted with analytical abilities, will take into account all the pros and cons of a joint idea and present it with an ideal plan with step-by-step instructions. In order to avoid conflicts, they will have to agree in advance on the distribution of roles. Virgo, in particular, needs to refrain from harsh criticism of the partner's actions, so as not to cause his irritation.
There are two hypostases hidden in Virgo: Virgo and non-Virgo, which rarely manifest at the same time. "Scorpio" is considered synonymous with passion, for which there are good reasons. Few are capable of emotions as intense as Scorpios. They are painfully experiencing love - past or present. The main thing for these two is to coincide with each other in the desire for intimacy (with which Scorpio never has problems, but Virgo has difficulties).