Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Virgo and Sagittarius are signs of different parity and belong to the elements that are in contradiction in nature – earth and fire, respectively. Based on these data, astrologers summarize: the relationship in their pair will be very difficult. Virgo is characterized by restraint, pedantry, a desire for order and tranquility. She strives for safety and therefore plans her every step, protecting herself from possible mistakes. She is hardworking, thanks to which she often has a good financial basis. The Earth element sets itself high standards and tries hard to achieve them. She demands a lot from herself and from others, which is expressed in her self-criticism and criticism of others.

Her emotional sphere, as a rule, is underdeveloped, so it is difficult to wait for a bright self-expression from her. The mood of the earth sign changes quite often, but others may not even notice it. Virgo lives by the rules, giving feelings and emotions quite a bit of space in her life. A notorious materialist – she believes only in the laws of logic and relies on rationality. Even in a relationship, she first looks for benefits for herself, and only then listens to the heart. If we take most of the above characteristics of Virgo and translate it to the opposite pole, then we can get a descriptive portrait of the character of Sagittarius.
The compatibility of two changeable signs, which are Sagittarius and Virgo, can really turn into a study of the relationships of four different types. Each of these partners has two sides: a Virgo is represented by a Virgo and not a Virgo, and a charming mystic and a beggar provocateur get along at the same time in Sagittarius. If this is not enough to complicate the relationship (and in this case we are talking about what they have in common), we can also compare their elements or basic motivations: Virgo is a practical Earth, whereas Sagittarius is an impractical Fire. Truly zodiac opposites. Sagittarius likes to flirt, exaggerate, play, wander and philosophize; Virgo prefers solitude, orderliness, minimization and reflection.

Virgo analyzes everything in the world, and Sagittarius provides them with a lot of opportunities for such research. Sagittarians talk about theories and beliefs that often have nothing to do with reality, and Virgos spend a lot of time separating facts from fiction. This exchange alone makes their relationship a significant phenomenon. Virgo is logical and dispassionate, but from the point of view of Sagittarius, they look oppressed. Sagittarians are full of hope and bravado, but they seem egocentric and fanatical to Virgos. Speaking of their compatibility, it should be said that it resembles a combination consisting of oil and vinegar - with Sagittarius as oil - which, of course, can be turned into a mixture with some effort, but hardly for a long time. Soon these two will separate from each other, and each of them will return to the corresponding (natural) state.
The worst trait of Sagittarians is their unwillingness to do everyday things. They are disgusted by the need to do routine work, especially if you, Virgo, cope with it much better. The problem here is not laziness, but the uniqueness of your partner's personality. Sagittarians identify themselves with their activities and with those they inspire, so they don't have much motivation for garbage collection at all. Nevertheless, you need to insist on your own, otherwise you will completely corrupt Sagittarius with your characteristic sympathy, and you will add work to yourself. They will just like the idea of taking out the trash in the company of you.
In business partnership, research activities, the creative vision of the Virgo and Sagittarius couple can give direction to any working group. Compatibility for business is quite productive, they rarely come into conflict, struggle for power and can, if necessary, exercise leadership together. Of course, in such a duet, it is best to try to cooperate less in a joint business.
The closeness between Virgo and Sagittarius is not as implausible as it may seem at first glance. Sagittarians act here as the mastermind of the process and, in general, have no problems in order to recognize and satisfy the true desires of Virgins. Of no small importance are also the beliefs of the Virgins about how everything really should happen. On the one hand, the imposition of such rules of behavior instantly depresses the passion of Sagittarians, but on the other hand, it presents them with a challenge that they find difficult to resist. In any case, this connection is a rather mysterious, but, frankly, usually short-lived phenomenon.