Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

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Despite the widespread claim that opposites converge, Virgo and Pisces are rarely happy, precisely because of completely different interests and attitudes to life. A union can be successful if each of the partners is ready to work on themselves every day, but most often it is easier for both to find someone with whom they can be themselves. Despite the unfavorable forecast of astrologers, people born under the signs of Pisces and Virgo can make good compatibility and give each other a lot. With the ability and desire to improve and grow spiritually, each partner will receive much more than he could with other signs.
Diametrically opposed signs have a peculiarity: each of them has exactly the skill that the other lacks. In this compatibility, Virgo is endowed with the ability to grasp the specific features of the phenomenon, and Pisces - to see the big picture. One notices the trees, and the other notices the forest. Pisces does not care about matching the colors of the wall and the carpet hanging on it; if they like something, then it is suitable for the room. Some call this approach eclectic, and Virgos may consider it sloppiness. Pisces is alien to any discrimination. They do not care about the financial viability of the partner, his clothes and skin color - it is important to them that they feel being with this person. And Virgos, being knowledgeable in any field, make a choice based on their preferences. They pay attention to such trifles as leaky socks or dirty nails, as well as to the social and economic status of the subject they are interested in.

For them, all the details are important, because they make up the physical reality that is so significant for Virgins. Of course, all this does not prevent Virgos from helping those in need, but their preferences are indicators of the degree of tolerance and openness of representatives of this sign. Pisces is almost the complete opposite of them; being also natural helpers and rescuers, they are open to all people. The specific details of a person's life do not matter to them. Some people's faces may show off on "WANTED" posters, and the Fish will still assist them, taking into account only the fact that they are in trouble and need help. Pisces and Virgo are not similar to each other precisely by the difference in approaches - a significant difference - which is of great importance for Virgins.
The dark side of Pisces manifests itself when they are overwhelmed with impressions and fall into prostration. Their condition is a consequence of their excessively acute perception of the suffering and pain of the surrounding world. And then you will find that they use food, alcohol or drugs as stress relievers - anything that allows them to relax. Although such a method may seem like an escape from life's problems - which is not consistent with your ideas of decent behavior - sometimes you should allow Pisces to get out of depression on their own.
Virgo and Pisces business compatibility can be favorable for business ventures, where a combination of the analytical and practical approach of Virgo with the intuition inherent in Pisces is required. Provided that the partners find ways to resolve the contradictions that sometimes arise, a business union can be successful. After creating a joint business or career, some disagreements await you, in order to avoid this, you will have to make concessions to your partner, if you want to maintain a relationship with him.
As already mentioned, inflamed Virgins demonstrate unbridled sexuality, capable of shaking their partners unaccustomed. Pisces, being a water sign, readily play along with them and immerse the Virgins in a magical ocean of seething passions. Pisces cannot be shocked, which is one of their most remarkable qualities. Do not forget that Virgos attach great importance to accuracy, so their partners will have to take a shower before and after.