Virgo and Libra Compatibility

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The compatibility of Virgo and Libra is under a very big question. They can complement each other, but a short period of time, then irreconcilable differences will come to the fore. Their characters and aspirations in life are completely different. With a certain combination of circumstances and the effort of both partners, the relationship between Virgo and Libra can be quite stable, where everyone will get what he lacks. The consistency, fidelity and firmness of Virgo's character can complement the sensuality and love of Libra.
These signs don't have much in common for perfect compatibility. Libra and Virgo love refined beauty, appreciate justice and harmony and are proud of their appearance. Their fundamental difference does not immediately catch the eye: Libra is a socially active creature who prefers to find benefits in everything, and Virgo is a loner engaged in finding flaws. Speaking about the compatibility of Libra and Virgo, let's imagine that each of the partners is going to purchase a work of fine art, and see how the process will develop.

Libra considers the whole picture and pays attention, first of all, to the balance of colors. Then they evaluate it for compliance with the current interior of their apartment and make a decision. (Note: if Libra started discussing the "pros" and "cons" of the painting, it means they decided not to buy it - although they themselves may not even guess about it yet.) Virgos first of all look at the price, which they never consider acceptable. Then they scrutinize each brushstroke on the canvas. Further, they pay attention to fingerprints on the glass or frame and in general to how the previous owners handled the painting - carefully or carelessly. Having finished with the assessment of the "human factor", the Virgos decide whether the painting is suitable for their house in size and content. If everything matches, they make a purchase without failing to point out each specific flaw and explain in detail why the cost of this canvas is exorbitantly overpriced.
Libra likes sophistication, as well as you, Virgo. But they also love various trinkets that can drive you crazy. The main task of Libra is to create beauty, although for you all their efforts may look like a flicker. Libra is also known for its desire to dominate its surroundings; for example, despite the fact that they share your views on cleanliness, they are closest to their own preferences.

Virgo, studying compatibility with Libra, it is worth knowing that they really like to shine at parties, so you will have to look for another place for yourself during their amusements. Libra tends to utter "black" if you say "white", and knowing such a feature behind them, you can, with the help of logic, easily and naturally make them look at the world through your eyes.
The business relationship between Virgo and Libra is most successful if these two have equal rights, whether they are employees or business partners. Compatibility has features, their personal contacts should be limited, in this case business relationships are built better. They adhere to high standards, for which they are respected and sometimes feared by others.

Sometimes the earth sign is too stubborn and inclines the partner to follow the plan he has come up with. Libra is lighter and more creative, they will always help a colleague to look at the case from different sides and choose the optimal solution to the problem. The air element does not tolerate encroachments on its freedom. The criticality of the earth element and the sensitivity of the air do not give much chance of high compatibility of Virgo with Libra in friendship.
In sexual compatibility, these partners are unpredictable. The sexuality of Libra is light and airy - for most aerial signs, intimacy is primarily necessary to relieve mental tension, and not to please the flesh. Virgos are very gentle. Libra needs an additional entourage that creates a suitable mood: incense, wine, music, etc. Virgos are not against the classic alcove set and are even ready to use it, but it does not have much meaning for them. They can enjoy the bedding "tools", provided that a partner is engaged in providing it, and they are not required to take care of it.