Virgo and Leo Compatibility

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Leo and Virgo have too many differences for them to be comfortable together. They look at almost everything differently - sex, everyday life, leisure, money, and it will be extremely difficult for them to find understanding. Virgo is a bright and strong representative of the earth element, just like Leo is the element of fire. Virgo stands firmly on her feet, appreciates stability, rationality and logic. Leo needs bright emotions, admiration at the limit with worship, noise and fun. In compatibility, neither Leo nor Virgo will get what they wan
Virgo makes Leo forget about his royal greatness and do tedious daily work, do what the family needs and its well-being. Of course, Leo doesn't like it at all. In addition, Virgo may seem somewhat distant and cold to Leo, it seems to her that all his attention is occupied exclusively with earthly interests. And indeed, in this union, Virgos can show their classical qualities especially actively, but only because they need to call the lax Lions to order. In this compatibility, there may be much more sensual attraction than common interests or mutual understanding.

Virgo will be constantly jealous of Leo, because he will constantly feel that he is too good for him. On the other hand, in order to keep Leo, Virgo needs to make a lot of efforts to maintain comfort and well-being in the house. When Leo returns home in the evening, a carefully prepared dinner is really waiting for them, but at the same time it is accompanied by a family scene. But Leo will definitely not tolerate the latter, and it is unlikely that the former will be able to compensate for it.
Virgo is simply not able to exist normally if chaos reigns around. He is extremely practical and conservative, Virgo like air needs to own the circumstances himself and keep under control what is happening around him. Virgo does not attach too much importance to the amount of money, but excessive unjustified spending is not for him. Sometimes, Leo, it may seem to you that he is worried for a completely trivial reason, especially when it comes to his health. When the usual state of things collapses, Virgo easily panics. Representatives of this sign are very sensitive, as a rule, they are introverts and deeply experience their own humiliation or what they consider to be such.
Virgo is not disposed to senseless and unfounded fantasies, she is practical, unexpected innovations are not to her taste at all. An ardent Leo in such a business union feels as if he is constantly being snapped on the nose. If Leo is a leader, then everything may not be so bad in professional compatibility.

Provided that Virgo unconditionally recognizes his moral or intellectual superiority. In this case, Leo plays the role of impulse, while the pedantic and diligent Virgo becomes a workhorse who can make his dreams come true. The same applies to business partnerships, unless the Virgos will not show excessive skepticism about the dizzying projects proposed by the Lions.
In the absence of intellectual and emotional compatibility, it is difficult to expect that a couple of Leo and Virgo are waiting for harmony in the bedroom. Virgo's temperament cannot always satisfy Leo's spontaneous needs, and, having felt this, he will only become even more timid and insecure. Virgos are constantly subconsciously afraid of being rejected by Lions, and this greatly hinders them in bed. Meanwhile, if they just allowed themselves a little more freedom, they could understand that sexual intimacy is just as necessary for their partner. On the other hand, Lions also need to remember that passion is not always expressed by growling, sometimes it is more like a shy whisper.