Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

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The union of these zodiac signs is quite complicated, although there is a small hope for a common future. Gemini is bright and brilliant, Virgo is peaceful and calm, all friends and acquaintances are surprised by this strange combination. However, despite fundamentally different positions, in some things they immediately find a common language. Gemini and Virgo have compatibility, although difficult, but quite promising, under certain conditions. In many ways, partners immediately find a common language, but in some things they are so different that for a successful couple they will have to change and make steps towards. Friendships often remain even after the breakup of a couple.
Gemini and Virgo will constantly argue among themselves about who is better informed and who has deeper logical thinking. But there is usually no particularly strong compatibility between them. Gemini and Virgo differ in rich and diverse interests, their union can be built on logic, but feelings there will not be enough. Lack of emotions can be compensated by business activity. Virgo can point out to a partner some old details that Gemini simply missed in their eternal pursuit of change, in turn, Gemini often opens up new horizons to Virgo, to which they can move forward. Together, this couple can achieve a lot and even develop socially.

However, often the selfishness inherent in these signs leads to a desire to get the maximum benefit for yourself. In this case, both partners lose. At first, the Twins may even like the fact that they now have a reliable shoulder to lean on. However, they do not want to lose their inner freedom and return home only to rest, and then fly away again about their business. Virgos will never be able to understand this, besides, they are very jealous and they do not like to spend their evenings alone. In the end, everyday problems and constant mutual reproaches, one way or another, lead to the rupture of this compatibility.
Many Virgos prefer the life of a bachelor. But if they still decide to marry, then you are unlikely to find a more permanent and faithful compatibility partner. Virgos generally attach great importance to the law and the oaths they take. But this same punctuality and love of order sometimes makes the life of Gemini with Virgo simply unbearable. For example, Gemini is very fond of sleeping, whereas sleeping before lunch, from the point of view of Virgo, can be equated to a mortal sin. On the other hand, Virgo is extremely honest. Sometimes even to the point of indecency. If you want to know the truth, just ask him, he will immediately reveal all his cards to you, without any prevarication.
Gemini is not as frivolous as it may seem at first glance, they just hate all sorts of routine and sometimes they are a little scattered. If you do not pay special attention to this, then Gemini makes excellent business partners and good subordinates. And no one can understand this better than Virgo, so as to dispose of Gemini's potential in the best way. Gemini also does everything in their power to ensure that Virgo feels a minimum of inconvenience. A good business alliance that allows you to achieve impressive results.
Virgo is extremely traditional in sex and does not look at all like a conqueror. He has a very, very difficult time with temperamental Twins who simply cannot accept the routine and boredom of sex on a schedule. For excellent compatibility, she needs constant experiments – he is afraid of them and does not accept them. Passion and emotionality, that's what Virgo lacks in bed from the point of view of Gemini, partners born under this sign are extremely fixated on their own feelings, whereas the true unity of bodies and souls occurs only in the case of full dedication to the partner. Of course, there are Virgos who have already learned this lesson in relationships with previous lovers. There are also Twins who do not differ in a special temperament. But still, in general, Gemini and Virgo are quite difficult to reach agreement in the bedroom.