Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

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Astrologers consider the Virgo and Capricorn pair to be one of their most successful and stable. These signs are psychologically perfect for each other, they are ready to make efforts to ensure that their relationship only grows stronger from year to year. Virgo, like Capricorn, family values and traditions are important. They are persistent and know how to overcome difficulties. Perhaps African passions are not boiling in their union, but there is mutual understanding, common interests and mutual assistance. In their family hearth there will always be not only prosperity, but also comfort.
Virgo - Capricorn compatibility has a certain advantage over other zodiac combinations. They can relate to each other through phenomena that exist outside the framework of their relationship. Both are Earth signs, so they are well aware of the specifics of the material world and know the rules of the game there. Virgo classifies and stores, and Capricorns build and provide. Their union is incredibly productive, provided that the partners understand their initial differences from each other. Both, in their own way, are loners.

Capricorns do not attach excessive importance to communication, as do Virgos, who also need to completely separate themselves from others from time to time. Capricorns are also not averse to being alone, however, due to their cardinal nature, in this case they prefer to stay in the access zone in order to control the situation in general and people in particular. There is a stable mutual attraction between these two; compatibility problems can arise only in connection with their active rejection of something.
Capricorns are leaders and breadwinners. They take the world seriously and consider difficult routes to reach the top the most correct approach. Of course, Virgo, you are able to win any dispute, because you always operate with immutable facts, but if Capricorn loses his temper, then an analogue of a granite wall in his performance will appear before you. He has the ability to look at you (or rather, through you) as if you are a complete stranger to him, and if things have taken such a turn, you should back down for a while. Otherwise, compatibility may fail. Be diplomatic in your criticism and never correct Capricorns in front of outsiders.
Business relations between Virgo and Capricorn are most successful in business areas where Virgo's responsibility and Capricorn's boundless energy can become the key to effective work. Capricorn, as a boss, is likely to provoke a protest from those employees of Virgos with whom he interacts on a regular basis, and this combination should be excluded.
Both Virgo and Capricorn experience an exorbitant carnal thirst, which they are happy to quench with a loved one. Sex, fortunately, is not a trivial phenomenon for them, however, it does not always top the list of current affairs of partners. Regardless of whether it's about conceiving a child or just about intimacy, they need a reason to make love. For Virgos, sincerity and devotion are immutable - and if they commit themselves, then this is for life, which is true for Capricorns. Capricorns are impressed by Virgo's inherent sense of duty, and vice versa. Sex in their understanding performs utilitarian functions that pursue pragmatic goals: reproduction, relaxation, control, and so on.