Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer's reactions are emotional, and Virgo's are analytical, but their personalities interact so successfully that this difference does not play a significant role. Cancer may be warming up Virgo a little, but there is already a fire burning under her ice. The compatibility of Cancer and Virgo can turn into a reliable, pleasant and tender relationship. Cancer's desire for financial security gets along well with Virgo's single-mindedness. Cancer understands the pedantry of Virgo, whose constancy helps an unstable partner to find balance. The reliability of Cancer is complemented by the Virgo's need to protect, everyone wants to please the other. The union of Cancer and Virgo has good prospects.
As for the compatibility between Cancers and Virgo, she is full of real feelings and caring for each other. Virgo is extremely practical and is ready to sacrifice a lot for the sake of their family, and Cancers are lyrical and have great intuition, which their partners really like. But the most important thing is that Cancers feel absolutely protected in such a union, they can always rely on Virgo and know that even if something goes wrong, he will be able to understand and forgive. Virgo is extremely well-versed in household matters, health, they know best how to raise children, in general, Cancer will have a lot to learn from its compatibility partner. Virgos are impulsive and know how to present themselves in society, Cancers, in contrast to them, are melancholic and extremely elegant, and together they make an unusually beautiful couple. But, as in any family, it is also not without difficulties.

Virgo is sure that they know everything better than others and are extremely ambitious, this can be too tedious for Cancer and even cause him irritation. In addition, Virgos are unusually jealous, even if Cancers did not give them any reason for this. No, Virgo behaves quite well-mannered in public, but at home, when no one sees, she can come off to the fullest. On the other hand, Cancer will also not miss a reason to show off its intelligence once again, and this has a depressing effect on its partner. But over time, the partners will be able to understand the value of their relationship, and then their marriage will finally become unbreakable.
Virgo is under the patronage of Mercury, which gives them an unusually sharp, insightful mind and extraordinary intelligence. Virgo can immediately discern hidden problems, so if he refuses something. It is useless to persuade him, he knows for sure that he will not agree to this anymore, although he cannot always explain why.

But the trouble is that Virgo is absolutely sure that what is good for them is also good for those around him, which means that everyone should live exactly according to his rules and in no other way, perhaps that's why Virgo has few friends and it is difficult for him to achieve compatibility with partners. But you, Cancers, can be sure that this partner will always give you a shoulder in a difficult moment, although he may be incredibly grumbling at the same time.
Especially well a couple of Cancer and Virgo can work on those problems that require a creative and extraordinary approach. You just need to remember that Cancer is very touchy and emotionally perceives any criticisms, no matter if they come from a partner or from a boss. And this inevitably affects the results of his work. On the other hand, cancer is extremely tactful and careful, which cannot but please Virgo, regardless of what position she occupies in their business duo. Based on the information received from him, Virgo will be able to make absolutely correct calculations and find the right way out of any difficult situation.
In the intimate compatibility of Cancer and Virgo, it is Cancer that plays the first violin, he warms up his chaste partner and awakens in him a whole volcano of passions that he may not even suspect. However, if Virgo was annoyed by something during the day or something gave him special concern, then he simply will not be able to relax and will transfer all his negativity to an extremely sensitive and receptive Cancer.

As a result, Cancer just resentfully slams its shell, and Virgo can't understand why she gets such a cold response to her, frankly, not too hot caresses. In this case, his analytical gift and her incredible intuition could help. Unfortunately, at such moments both partners somehow completely forget about their best qualities.