Virgo and Aries Compatibility

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The union of Aries and Virgo can be called unsuccessful for both signs. These relationships will not give anything necessary, not physically, not spiritually, to both zodiac signs. The only thing in which these signs will be able to find mutual understanding is life at the level of partnership. Aries is hot and open, selfish and assertive, and a lot of ambitions, and they will push the somewhat conservative Virgo forward. Virgo is cold and calculating, even selfish in some ways. He does not like the pressure of Aries, although he is able to evaluate the result. For the perfect compatibility of Aries and Virgo, the option of business cooperation, co-authorship is excellent, but no more.
From the very beginning, in the compatibility of Aries and Virgo, something goes wrong, he looks artificial, insincere, feigned. Virgos have an instinctive fear of responsibility in relationships, especially marriage. If Aries could show more patience, then his chances of success would increase significantly. Unfortunately, Aries, controlled by Mars, is used to going on the attack and achieving the fulfillment of his desires immediately. That is why the relationship between Aries and Virgo most often ends in a breakup. However – not even a breakup, this is just the case when partners quite often remain good friends. The innate tact of male Virgins and their gallantry lead to the fact that no bitter memories remain between recent lovers.

Although sometimes such compatibility can last long enough, provided that the partners approach it without excessive emotionality. Virgo is not prone to self-deception, they soberly look at the surrounding reality and can help Aries cope with their illusions, which is sometimes extremely necessary. After a while, having stuffed bumps in quarrels with Aries, Virgo will learn to do it without excessive criticism. It is useless to teach Aries, they step on the same rake again and again. But Virgo, having well hardened the lesson, if she wishes, will simply stop paying attention to the fact that it is not worth it.
It would be best if you, Aries, try to periodically push Virgo forward with his boundless conservatism. Of course, he probably won't be too happy about this, however, when you achieve a positive result through joint efforts, Virgo will be quite able to appreciate this fact. In general, Virgo is a very hardworking sign, and if this quality is multiplied by the enthusiasm and ambition of Aries, then you can reach significant heights. Virgo is under the constant control of both Mercury and a much less positive Volcano, so he is prone to frequent thoughtfulness and analysis of his actions. Moments of such detachment do not mean any neglect towards you at all.
The business partnership of Aries and Virgo may break off at the very beginning, ruined by the dictatorial habits of Aries. Virgos do not tolerate categorical judgments, and any attempt to impose their opinion on them by force will only cause undisguised protest or even aggression. In addition, the natural conservatism of Virgo will come into conflict with the progressiveness of Aries. Therefore, in collaboration it is best to take small breaks from time to time to give partners the opportunity to relax from each other.
Aries is to some extent a sexual mystery for Virgo. It is important that he is able to offer her a sexual relationship that she trusts. Then Aries and Virgo will be able to fully enjoy their closeness, which unites both physical desire and its embodiment, despite all the external dissimilarity of their characters. Although – why the dissimilarity?

In essence, Aries is just an eternal Child, whereas Virgo is an eternal spiritual virgin. In this compatibility, the complete unity of not only bodies, but also minds is possible. An important role is played by the directness of Aries, the simplicity with which they approach sexual contact, as well as the natural honesty that is characteristic of all Virgos. Sexual intimacy for them is something much more than a banal short-term relationship or an accidental pleasure.