Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

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The union of Virgo and Aquarius is rarely successful. Aquarius is too noisy and extravagant for a calm Virgo. Virgo himself may seem stingy and inhospitable to Aquarius. For a successful union, both will have to put a lot of effort. A windy and fickle Aquarius needs reliability, stability and a firm shoulder from a partner. Virgo can give all this with varying success, he then burns with insane passion, then goes into deep thought. There are chances that the compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius will be successful, provided that Virgo says goodbye to her independence.
Virgo and Aquarius have a lot in common to create a perfect compatibility. They have common addictions, including a penchant for order and misanthropy. If they have a choice: to live alone or with a neighbor in the same room, both will choose the first option. Virgos are impeccable in everything that has to do with the surrounding living space (I didn't say neat; I said flawless). First of all, the systematic organization of their existence catches the eye. Order may seem like chaos if we are talking about a sloppy Virgin, but the owner will still know where everything is at the moment. Virgos need a certain order in their existence, otherwise they feel insecure or anxious. Aquarians also tend to structure, but of a different kind.

At first, they create in their heads an image of an ideal, from their point of view, world, and then they take up arms against everything that does not fit into this speculative scheme. Each of them understands the partner's need for order and respects the efforts to achieve it. Virgo, being a changeable sign, seems to meet the standards of fixed Aquarians and readily yield to the pressure of the latter. Both partners have ideas about routine and rituals, but they also differ from each other in many ways. Virgos can be gentle and selfless, and in moments of weakness - capricious and critical. Aquarius is characterized by sharpness and egocentricity, but also coldness and neglect. In compatibility with Aquarius, Virgos like their eccentric qualities, and they enjoy the tenderness and honesty of partners who take care of them.
Virgos have an instinctive need to take care of you, Aquarius, and her impulses are sometimes akin to martyrdom. You may not like messing around with all sorts of minor details, but Virgos are sensitive to them, so be generous and condescendingly perceive their need to provide for everything, down to the smallest detail. Virgos, like you, need to devote some time to themselves, but they also want you not to lose sight of them. That is, they should know that their existence matters to you, so it would be wise for you to express admiration for the merits of your partners more often.
Working as colleagues or business partners of Virgo and Aquarius, both can strengthen the negative feeling that the world is hostile and does not care about them. This feature of their compatibility will have an adverse effect on the overall work. In this union, the most optimal solution is to create a career in your work separately, otherwise you are doomed to failure together.
Virgos, as a sexual partner, are subject to extremes: they easily move from puritanism to unbridledness, however, first of all, they are characterized by discrimination. Virgos are ready to wait a long time for the right person - or rather, the ideal person, and Aquarians may be exactly who they need.

Their originality, multiplied by the acrobatic style of making love, can deprive the Virgins of the remnants of all decency. Virgos like stimulation and surprises, and Aquarians will always provide both. Aquarians are driven crazy by the responsiveness of Virgins; the willingness with which a partner accepts their unpredictable behavior in bed adds to their self-confidence. These two are able to color the art of love with unexpected colors.