Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

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This marriage union is successful and favorable for both Taurus and Virgo. If there is no crazy love between them, then deep sympathy and affection for each other can last until the end of life. Basically, they are united by realistic views on life and healthy practicality, which is a solid foundation for a harmonious married life. Taurus's perseverance and Virgo's sharp mind ensure this team's success. Taurus keeps a sharp eye on expenses, which the thrifty Virgo likes.

Virgo honors and appreciates her Taurus, and the latter is only glad of such an attitude, and for his part tries to thank Virgo with his love, care and feelings. Both are friendly and peaceful, both have a keen sense for all economic and financial issues. This brings spiritual harmony and joy to partners in their life together, gives confidence in the future, lifts the spirit and mood.
Taurus sometimes falls in love with beautiful, but he has a long-term relationship only with decent and meek partners. Virgo attracts him with the seriousness of his views, constancy and selectivity in contacts. Taurus begins to care carefully and delicately, coming from afar. He is probing the ground, finding out whether he is sympathetic to Virgo, and only then begins decisive actions.

Virgo's love is cold, she is the receiving party and rarely takes decisive steps towards her partner. Taurus and Virgo can meet for a long time, looking closely and getting to know each other. Only after that, a close relationship arises between them. The presence of trust is a necessary factor for both, which serves as a signal for a gradual and confident rapprochement.
Compatibility of the Marriage of Taurus and Virgo between the earthly signs of the zodiac is almost always favorable. Taurus and Virgo have been getting closer for a long time, and it will probably take more than one year before they get married. Growing roots into each other, they gradually adopt the habits of each other, becoming a single whole. Of course, the spouses will have to work hard on themselves to smooth out the irregularities of their characters.

Virgo should learn tolerance and generosity, and Taurus should moderate stubbornness and start talking to a partner in the language of compromises. If mutual understanding is achieved, then the spouses will have an ideal marriage, where both will work for the benefit of the family, increase the level of prosperity and take care of loved ones. A distinctive feature of the union is that the money itself goes into their hands, you just need to have time to catch them and make profitable investments.
Compatibility of finances Taurus and Virgo are excellent workers. Attentive and careful Virgos are successfully combined in work with a persistent and hardy Taurus. It is better if Taurus becomes the boss, because he is less picky about details and judges the success of the case by the whole picture. He prefers not to waste time on details, but to go forward, overcoming large-scale obstacles. And if Virgo follows in his footsteps, "cleaning up" all the flaws behind the boss, the result will exceed all expectations.

But if Virgo becomes the boss, then difficulties cannot be avoided. Her desire to criticize and check everything at every step will infuriate Taurus, who is unable to scrupulously and meticulously examine the process of work under a microscope. Probably, there is not enough inspiration and flight in their joint work, but specific tasks that do not require a creative approach are solved without problems. In addition, luck loves colleagues, every now and then throwing them chances that bring great material benefits.
The sexual compatibility of Taurus and Virgo is not the best combination for love joys. Taurus is slow and lazy, he needs an incentive from the outside. But Virgo is always in a waiting position. She accepts the partner's initiative favorably, while not showing it herself. This state of affairs greatly affects sex: it risks becoming monotonous and insipid.

Virgo can awaken bold fantasies in anyone. But what to do with his fantasies, Taurus does not know. He needs a skilled navigator who will gently guide him, help him develop his sensuality, and fill the bedroom with his sexual energy. However, Virgo is a sign that does not generate, but absorbs and converts energy, do not expect the impossible from her. The couple's sex may be regular, but it lacks passion and variety. This is what the couple should work hard on.