Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

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At first glance, compatibility may be perfect. But at the second, and at the third glance, the situation will seem far from rosy. Taurus, of course, will want to remake each other, and this is basically impossible. The stubbornness of the earthly guys is not to take, and they go straight to the goal. Competitions between the pets of Venus will be daily – everyone will strive to win and surpass the partner (the Taurus will not notice how they will become irreplaceable for each other).
Taurus, representing the same zodiac sign, does not plunge headlong into relationships. They need some time to realize that they have made the right choice. Therefore, at the initial stage, they look closely at each other, arrange various checks. Even if Taurus falls in love very much, he will carefully hide it. Feelings are recognized only when they are convinced that the partner reciprocates and meets all his requirements. One of the strongest fears of this sign is to be rejected.

The love affair of two Taurus will never have a rapid development. Everything will happen smoothly, without fervent confessions and reckless actions. They do not have a rich imagination, they prefer to really look at what is happening around them. Taurus is not very interested in the intellectual world and everything related to religion.
The marriage of two Taurus is successful. In each other they will find everything that both lacked before this fateful meeting. Besides the fact that the family will be strong and friendly, it will certainly become financially secure. Partners are focused on the material component of the family, and work hard to improve its well-being. The main difficulties of the spouses may lie in wait in the tenth year of marriage, when the regularity begins to make the relationship boring and at times when both will show their stubborn character.

At some point, the spouses should stop continuing to make savings, and start actively spending them on impressions and joint recreation. This is able to bring the spouses closer and bring the relationship to a new level.
Working together is the strongest side of this union. Taurus is focused on success and fruitful cooperation. They are thrifty and work for the long term. Being able to manage finances rationally, they can create a strong and profitable family business that will be so stable that it will be easily passed down from generation to generation. To work together, you should choose areas that do not require fuss and making momentary decisions.
Sex for Taurus is a bonding factor in a relationship. They are sensual lovers. From a technical point of view, their intimate relationship is above all praise, but there is not enough soul in them.

However, partners are completely satisfied with this – they are the same in their tastes and aspirations, and are able to give the other what they are waiting for themselves. What exactly does not happen in the bedroom of two Taurus is experiments. They already have a certain set of actions that they tend to repeat from time to time, novelty does not attract them.