Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

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These signs are opposed to each other, but they have more in common than other antipodes. There is either a great attraction between them, or an obvious antagonism, but indifference — never. For a long time, for this couple, the main role is played by intimate life, the erotic-sexual side. The sparks of love and passion of Scorpio immediately ignite the hot blood of Taurus.

Both partners are similar to each other in their temperament, possessive habits and violent passions. Both are determined and ambitious, neither is inclined to travel. However, two strong wills interact in this union. A faithful companion of such a union is a feeling of jealousy, the main screenwriter and director of all domestic dramas. The romance will be stormy, but both partners will not have the patience to make this union last.
Love compatibility in a pair of Taurus and Scorpio has a tinge of inconsistency. Scorpio is a little clumsy, thanks to the clumsiness of the partner, but it can also be quite hot. Scorpio constantly adds oil to the fire, not letting his phlegmatic chosen one get bored. By its very appearance, Scorpio provokes the jealousy of a partner, which has been smoldering in the soul for a long time, corroding from the inside. But Taurus is used to not giving free rein to feelings, and will remain calm and unshakable until the last.

Scorpio may not be satisfied with a meager number of passions, but he would still not get along with a partner of his warehouse. Constant bubbling within the relationship would simply destroy the couple, making both unhappy and disappointed. The union of the earth and water elements exists under the motto "You drive more quietly - you will go further", and the Scorpion here is like a demanding and merciless driver — he can work heartily as a batag, but despite this, the hardy Bull continues its slow and confident movement towards the goal.
By the time of marriage, Taurus and Scorpio have already settled all the misunderstandings among themselves and have been lapped, since the decision to go through the registry office is unlikely to be premature. This is where the domineering nature of Taurus will finally manifest itself. Having legitimate reasons to put a partner in his place, he can become more rigid and principled. In the beginning, Scorpio will perceive such metamorphoses with indignation, but soon he will have to submit to his partner if he wants to keep the relationship.

Taurus will work a lot and hard, because he considers it his duty to provide for the family. He sets a good example for children, demonstrating endurance and perseverance, especially in difficult moments for the family. Scorpio will be freed from the need to work, and if he shows such a desire, he will be able to do it exclusively for the soul. But even from a working Scorpio, the partner expects complete order in the house, delicious food and home comfort. If Scorpio feels the strength to combine housework and career, then the partner will not object.
Joint work is difficult, but very fruitful. Taurus will do the impossible to become a leader, and this, in the end, will turn out to be beneficial for two. Scorpio is much more effective in the role of a gray cardinal, whispering in the manager's ear what steps need to be taken. Insidiousness sometimes entangles a partner in a strong network of intrigues woven by himself, and there is no way out of there without outside help.

But the reasonableness of Taurus is able to neutralize these machinations and isolate from them only what is really useful for the common cause. Money will not be spared by colleagues due to the property of Taurus to protect and save, and the ability of Scorpio to be a brilliant strategist. The main condition for a profitable business is to be honest and constantly double-check each other. Close and transparent collaboration can bring good profits.
One of the most difficult zodiac combinations in intimate terms. The passivity and lack of initiative of Taurus brings Scorpio, thirsty for passions, out of balance. Sexual provocations arranged by Scorpio run into a blank wall of the partner's composure. Scorpio is always full of ideas, he wants to seduce and tempt, play and intrigue, but the partner turns out to be too simple for Scorpio. Complex mind games do not amuse him, but only bring confusion and confusion into the relationship.

What a conservative Taurus can offer is yesterday for a partner. Scorpio knows everything about sex, and wants a bedmate to be her match. But Taurus, even if he is ready to learn new things, does not show proper initiative. In bed, he is executive and hardy, but he is not able to show imagination. He needs guidance from the outside, as he is experiencing difficulties with fantasy. If Scorpio is able to use this to his advantage, then the couple will be able to find a balance. Otherwise, Scorpio's sexual dissatisfaction will prevail over the need to constantly slow down, and the couple will break up.