Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

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This couple will get along if Taurus manages to curb Sagittarius and hold the reins. They experience mutual physical attraction, because the sexual looseness of Sagittarius ignites the passions of Taurus. But Taurus does not tolerate the inconstancy of Sagittarius and his desire for novelty. Sagittarius adheres to the principle of "live and do not interfere with others" in sex and everything else, while Taurus is serious and has a sense of ownership. Sagittarius refuses to be under someone's heel. They are not in danger of boredom, but quarrels will be frequent. A novel can be a pleasure. The marriage union between Taurus and Sagittarius is doomed to perish, as it does not have a solid support under it.
It starts off pretty good. At first glance, it may even seem that they are created for each other: Taurus inspires confidence and can provide stability; Sagittarius is able to diversify any relationship, bringing energy and positive changes to them. But this is exactly where the main difficulties of this union lie. The love of Taurus may seem like a real stranglehold on the partner, which will not allow him to breathe fully. What other zodiac signs would be happy about, Sagittarius is burdensome and depressing. He needs travel, strong impressions, vivid emotions, but Taurus stubbornly tries to obscure the entire horizon with himself.

And he himself has ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, he feels that Sagittarius is necessary to him, like a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, he is afraid not to keep a partner, not to match the rhythm of life and ideas about the ideal partner. Gradually, tension increases between partners, claims and resentments accumulate and lovers begin to constantly quarrel.
Taurus makes increased demands on everyday life and comfort. His house is his fortress, where comfort, order should reign and they should definitely be delicious to feed. This is how Taurus imagines family life. He does not like changes and permutations. If he is happy, he wants to pause this moment and enjoy it forever.

Sagittarius is horrified by the fact that the partner wants to force him to give up traveling, socializing with friends and interesting work, inclines him to constantly keep a home without being distracted by his own interests. Not for the sake of a partner, nor for the sake of children, Sagittarius is not ready to put his life on pause or give up everything that brings joy. More and more quarrels begin to arise in the family due to the fact that one presses and forces to be in the family circle, and the other suffocates from this, trying with all his might to free himself from a difficult relationship. Children often suffer because of the unfavorable climate in the family. But Sagittarius is ready to break up, even despite their interests.
Excellent prospects await this working tandem if everyone does what he does best: Sagittarius will look for a field for activity and periodically shake Taurus, who is prone to laziness, and Taurus will cultivate this field conscientiously and hardily.

Sagittarius has good communication skills and flair, he can predict which business will be successful, and Taurus will be able to perform painstaking work that requires concentration and perseverance. In the event that there is no fight for the boss's chair in their union, the relationship can become one of the most productive in the entire zodiac circle.
Both love sex and in no way push it into the background. Despite the fact that they have completely different life priorities, they combine quite well in bed. He has good technique and is in no hurry, and Sagittarius adds passion and fire. Taurus is hardy in bed and can give a partner as much time as necessary.

The combination of Taurus and Sagittarius is more suitable for windy romances based on sex than for permanent and mature relationships. Due to the lack of emotional connection between partners, their communication in bed cannot go beyond a good, proven technique. Taurus risks being lonely, because he will always miss the soul in their communication.