Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

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Such a marriage union is built on a solid foundation, since there is a physical attraction between them, and love, and loyalty, and devotion. This couple has a lot in common. Both love peace, especially spiritual. Both love comfort and convenience, everything is beautiful and expensive. Both love the "sweet life". The only difference is that Pisces are innate idlers who live only for today, and Taurus is a hard worker who organizes his own destiny. This marriage will be great under good material conditions. He demands abundance and a prosperous idle life, fun and enjoyment, and, of course, love, moreover — passionate. But in order for this love not to be too pampered, Taurus always has a realistic plan and very reliable control over the bank account.

This union gives Pisces confidence in the future, loyalty and devotion — they can't wish for anything better. Taurus also does not have to take offense at their partners from the Pisces sign — they conscientiously give them sincere feelings, warmth and cordiality. Taurus, as a rule, work hard and, of course, get tired. That's when they need peace, care and care, and no one will do it better than Pisces — they are innate mercy. In turn, the practical, calm nature of Taurus helps Pisces cope with mood swings. In love, Taurus is devoted, and Pisces is prone to adoration. Although Pisces seems somewhat passive to Taurus, they are well suited to each other in sex. Taurus is passionate, Pisces is sensual — the union promises to be strong.
Love compatibility between representatives of these two zodiac signs Taurus and Pisces is possible, but it will be with a touch of sadness or even suffering on the part of vulnerable Pisces. She needs romance, passionate confessions, semitones, and sensual pauses so much that a straightforward and slightly clumsy Taurus seems rude and inept against the background of her own idea of an ideal partner.

In turn, Taurus sincerely does not understand these awkward pauses and strange silence, taking them for boredom and the inability to express their feelings. He wants to get everything, at once and with lifetime guarantees. But Pisces can't guarantee anything, because she lives by feelings and emotions, and they are so changeable in her! Often Taurus and Pisces have such a different view of love and life in general that, having met and fallen in love, they suffer for a long time from the fact that they feel bad together, and they cannot live without each other. Most pairs break up at the lapping stage. Those who managed to stay together will look for factors that strengthen their relationship.
A stay-at-home and a Taurus owner will demand order and subordination from his Fish. He is a supporter of home rituals, which he can perform for years without feeling bored or craving for variety. This will greatly depress a partner who is hungry for change and knowledge. Pisces loves to learn, and constantly strive to get additional education or improve the level of knowledge already available. Taurus will not like it. He is not satisfied with the fact that the partner wants to do something other than family.

Pisces will be a good hostess and a caring parent, but she does not want her family to take away all her physical and moral resources. On the basis of this, quarrels will arise in the family and the marriage may be under threat. Tired of misunderstanding, and not having received spiritual warmth, Pisces can take a desperate step and start a secret relationship with a person to whom not the body will pull, but the longing soul.
A good and fruitful working union, it lacks just a little bit to become perfect. Pisces can skillfully create an atmosphere and climate, and this, in turn, will sign a partner and give him strength. Taurus is not strong in establishing new contacts with people, and he will gladly entrust this to his partner as the main one in their pair.

Business partners will lack initiative and determination, which is why they risk missing out on a number of brilliant chances. But otherwise, if they get into their rut, they will feel confident in it. And the work will go like clockwork.
Taurus and Pisces can become a real discovery for each other. Despite some lack of initiative with which they approach the issues of sex, the sensuality of both partners will make intimate relationships quite harmonious and comfortable. Both will lack imagination and passion, but the guy will be satisfied with everything anyway, and Pisces will eventually realize that sex is not so bad. The tenderness of Pisces will warm the partner, and her defenselessness and modesty will make the partner feel even stronger and more influential, which will give him confidence and importance in his own eyes.