Taurus and Libra Compatibility

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Taurus sees Libra as a warm, romantic, sensitive partner. Libra was born to charm and awaken feelings. Both signs are ruled by Venus, but their sensuality manifests itself in different ways. Despite the fact that they have a very great similarity and a lot in common, however, a long marriage union between them is impossible because of completely opposite life principles. Over time, the inconstancy of Libra and a careless attitude to love can cause the rage of Taurus. Libra, in turn, is outraged by the possessive habits of Taurus. This romantic relationship will not last long.
Love compatibility of Taurus and Libra form an almost perfect couple, where love and tenderness reign, perfectly complement each other. A more balanced and less emotional Taurus with dignity withstands riding on an emotional swing, which Libra suits him. He turns a blind eye to changeable moods and desires, changing at an alarming rate.

Taurus knows how to take care of touchingly, although it comes out a little clumsy. They feel each other's needs well. Together they feel calm, they feel a spiritual kinship. Sometimes Libra can feel bouts of boredom, then they raise storms in the glass. But it's not an easy task to rock a Taurus on emotions. Taurus rarely loses his temper, and will not succumb to provocations from a partner. The atmosphere in the union is friendly and very warm.
The marriage of compatibility of Taurus and Libra is concluded on the initiative of Libra. Taurus is traditional, but slow and does not like changes, and Libra requires certainty from a partner, the status of spouses gives confidence. Spouses serve as an excellent example of a family in which two people with different temperaments and values can get along.

There are no difficulties in everyday life. For the sake of his stay-at-home Taurus, the partner is ready to continuously improve in culinary skills, which pleases him inexpressibly. There is mutual understanding and financial stability in the family, which Taurus strives for. Taurus can be too inert at certain periods of his life, and Libra will come in very handy here. Irrepressible imagination and the desire to constantly improve the standard of living will stimulate Taurus to the right actions.
Compatibility of finances Taurus and Libra create a special atmosphere around themselves, no matter what they touch. Work is no exception. Stimulating a strong and strong-willed Taurus to feats, Libra prefers to stay behind the partner's back and “serve cartridges". Taurus is better to become a boss. He is slightly clumsy and thick-skinned, but copes well with stress, does not allow troubles to affect his performance.

But Libra will also be necessary for him at times when he needs a creative vision of the situation. He knows what to do if things aren't going too well. Good advice from Libra helps the boss to consider new perspectives and expand the scope of perception. Their tandem will become strong, but light. Thanks to the flexibility and diplomacy of Libra, joint work has long-term prospects, and the Taurus leader will contribute to stabilizing the situation and converting it into banknotes.
Sex is one of the couple's favorite activities. Venus, under the patronage of which Libra is located, makes you airy and dreamy, prone to experiments. The zodiac sign Libra is not distinguished by passion, but it has a depth and mystery that attracts a potential partner. A sexy, gentle and fragile partner carries Taurus away, leads him wherever he pleases.

The first step in a sexual relationship will be taken by a partner, and Taurus, obeying charm, will fulfill all whims. Lovers are in no hurry, because in sex they are interested not in quantity, but in quality. Excellent technique and endurance are the contribution that Taurus makes, and Libra will take care of romance and the general atmosphere.