Taurus and Leo Compatibility

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Despite the physical attraction, there is little hope for a lasting union. And the main reason for this is that none of them is capable of submission. This gives rise to constant disputes and quarrels, worsening the relationship. Taurus needs to be appreciated, and Leo requires worship. None of them gets what they need. In addition to this, Leo is generous and extravagant, and Taurus is thrifty. The main conflict is generated by the contradiction between Taurus's desire for order and Leo's need to embrace everything in life. Therefore, such an alliance should be avoided.
A loving Taurus, being at the peak of feelings, is capable of the impossible: he can look after beautifully, make good gifts, and try his best to make his partner feel good next to him. But, as soon as the goal is achieved, he takes out his long list of requirements, and begins to present them to the partner, who did not have time to recover from romantic experiences.

Leo, who loves attention that serves interests, will be shocked at first by the fact that no one is going to serve and please. And he is no longer able to leave, because he understands that this is love. Trying to adjust to a partner, he feels constant discomfort and pressure. Leo often protests, arranges scenes and debriefings. However, Taurus continues to follow the goal slowly and faithfully. Soon, romance with passion and completely come to naught, weekdays come. They are especially difficult for Leo, who needs holidays and impressions. At this stage, most couples break up. Such unions are preserved exclusively by the forces of Leo, who agrees to moderate his ambitions and follow his partner. But Taurus is quite capable of going further alone.
The partners will conclude the marriage after much thought and weighing. Each of them understands that their family will only dream of peace, but, despite this, the union can become quite happy if Leo does not provoke the partner to emotions, and Taurus becomes warmer and more tender towards the partner. Leo is a motivator and ideological inspirer in the family, will constantly stimulate the partner to travel, adventures and going out. Taurus is not thrilled with the fact that the partner is endlessly pulling to the mountains, then to parties, but there is nothing he can do about it.

In everyday life, Leo is comfortable with his pragmatist, because Taurus is able to think through everything to the smallest detail, provide the material side of life and make sure that everything works in the house and is repaired on time. But Leo can not count on physical help. Alas, the partner is too lazy to do something on his own. Rather, he will call a master than personally start drilling or cleaning something.
Collaboration can become a real battleground between two influential people of these constellations. The main mistake of business partners is that they often quarrel and compete with each other instead of uniting to achieve the goal. Taurus has an outstanding working capacity, but he is too slow and heavy on the rise.

Leo is distinguished by his quick reactions and his propensity for risk, but sometimes he is careless and inattentive. Partners can achieve success if they put the common cause above their own ambitions and stop pulling the blanket over themselves. If they manage to overcome their differences, their common cause will become profitable and long-lasting.
Who exactly will benefit from such a sexual experience, so it's Taurus. He has a high temperament and endurance, but he lacks fire and imagination to get the most pleasure from sex. And fire is just the element of the Leo. A passionate, tireless partner seems to be able to read the thoughts of his Taurus and guess his secret desires.

But he will not please his partner gratuitously, in return demanding exactly as much as he gave, so Leo is contraindicated for a selfish or non-initiative partner. But if Taurus allows you to lead in the bedroom, in return he will get such sex, which he did not even dream of. He will only need to support the initiative of his Lion and discard shyness.