Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

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Despite the strong sensual attraction, and a lot in common, this marriage union is not viable and is not suitable already due to the fact that Gemini, as a rule, are rarely at home, and Taurus are plagued by bouts of jealousy and suspicion. These zodiac signs have completely different characters. Taurus is phlegmatic, unshakable, he resists change. Gemini is windy and restless. But that's why they may be interested in each other — but only for a while.

Gemini is attracted by the passion of Taurus, but Taurus, striving for reliability and stability, will begin to suffer because of the inconstancy of the partner. Taurus is too dependent on his habits to get along with Gemini, who are always in need of new stimuli. Eventually, the demands of Taurus will become unbearable for Gemini, who will prefer freedom. Eternal disputes and quarrels are regular guests in their house. Frequent misunderstanding of each other leads to a breakup of the relationship and ends in divorce.
Love in union is quite possible. At the same time, Gemini shows more initiative than the partner. He stands for the dynamic development of relationships, does not understand why Taurus is slow in many situations. From the outside, it may seem that these are Twins caring for a partner, and not vice versa. The couple walks a lot, visits public places, spends holidays and weekends together. The initiator of each of these outings is Gemini, because the partner is extremely heavy on the rise, unlike Gemini.

The relationship in the union is rather cool and even, which greatly upsets the Gemini zodiac sign. Like all aerial constellations, strong emotions, impressions and thrills are needed, without which stagnation in life is felt. Taurus hardly keeps up with the partner's life rhythm. He is a homebody, does not like to leave his cozy home unnecessarily. For this reason, after some time, partners can start spending time separately, which causes jealousy in Taurus, since the partner always strives for society — with or without him.
Before getting married, Taurus experiences hesitation, afraid of making a mistake, because he chooses a partner once and for life. Gemini treats marriage much easier. If a partner does not receive a marriage proposal for a long time, the partner does not rush him, feels quite comfortable and without a stamp in the passport. Having registered a relationship, Taurus and Gemini live soul to soul for a while, spending a real honeymoon. At this stage, it may seem that all the previous misunderstandings have left them. But this is not the case.

Taurus becomes even more demanding to the domestic side of life together, and Gemini does not want to change anything, considering marriage a simple formality. Spouses manage money differently, which becomes a frequent cause for quarrels. Gemini's carelessness financially forces the partner to withhold part of the income, because he is tired of fighting with the partner's extravagance. In the first year of marriage, there is a high probability of divorce due to the difference in the attitude of the partners.
A complex combination. Due to their independent nature, Gemini will strive to compete with a partner for leadership, and Taurus will have a bad time if Gemini turns out to be the boss. Gemini will demand from the subordinate the dynamics and speed of execution that he is unable to provide. As a result, Taurus has a lot of complaints about work, despite his outstanding professional abilities, just because Gemini wants everything at once, and does not try to think about how deeply a subordinate can immerse himself in work, and qualitatively performs his professional duties.

It is better for Taurus to become a leader. He will be able to act in the rhythm in which he is comfortable, and competently distribute responsibilities. It is better to give the partner those responsibilities that involve negotiations, development and strengthening of social contacts. Gemini should clearly understand that arguing with the leader will not work, because there is no more stubborn person than a representative of this zodiac sign. The employee will not achieve anything with disputes, he will only spoil the relationship.
The strength of the union is sex. Taurus and Gemini build a harmonious sexual relationship. In sex, Taurus is quite hardy, but lazy, which does not upset his partner at all, who is used to dominating in bed. Perhaps sex is the only sphere in which Taurus is malleable and compliant.

They will be interested in the bedroom. Gemini knows how to be gentle and passionate, and Taurus is imbued with this tenderness and becomes more sensual and open. There will be no problems with the technique of sex, because Taurus owns it perfectly. The only thing that may not suit his partner is the passivity of Gemini, whom Gemini himself has accustomed to the fact that he always takes everything into his own hands.