Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

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Capricorn is well suited to Taurus, because both feelings have a permanent and long-lasting character. Their relationship will not be too romantic, but full of healthy sex. Both in love and in marriage, this couple is faithful and devoted to each other, which guarantees a stable union with a high coefficient of strength. As a rule, there is no love at first sight between them, but over the years mutual understanding and harmony deepen, a sense of affection grows stronger.

They have common goals, they like the same people, both value security and money. In this marriage union, perseverance and endurance, endurance and perseverance, deliberation and planning prevail, that is, all the properties of a person that contribute to the realization of a life goal. Immediately after the wedding, they have common interests and plans that move them forward and up in the future. Capricorn is more secretive than Taurus would like, but still Capricorn's loyalty gives Taurus a sense of peace. The differences between them are so insignificant that they do not interfere with the common good at all.
They don't need to prove anything to each other or go through a lengthy lapping process. From the moment of the first meeting, they are ready to both accept and give love. Capricorn will delight Taurus and amuse his subtle perception of beauty. Both partners do not try to ask each other for the impossible. Their views on life are very similar, they do not like haste, they are used to think carefully and plan everything.

They know exactly what can give pleasure to another, and this contributes to mutual understanding. The love of these two is not particularly passionate, but it is deep and constant, and, as a rule, partners carry it through life. Fidelity and stability are the strongest sides of the love union of Taurus and Capricorn.
When the roles in the family are finally distributed, there comes a period of quiet happiness and well-coordinated partner work. This marriage union can be safely called ideal, because marriage gives each of the spouses what they want: Capricorn — a sense of stability and confidence; Taurus — a bright and expressive partner nearby.

The financial side of marriage deserves special attention, because the couple has every chance to become very wealthy people. Although Capricorn will constantly encourage a partner to take a place in the vertical of power, but Taurus is not so ambitious for this. He will prefer stable and high income to ranks and regalia. Having devoted the first half of his life to his family and children, Capricorn in adulthood begins to successfully pursue a career or his own business. Taurus will be quite satisfied with this, of course, provided that the partner does not move away from him.
In collaboration, they can either reach unthinkable heights, or burn out, it all depends on whether they can agree on who will be assigned what role. And although everyone will strive to lead, nevertheless, it is better to become Capricorn at the helm. It is he who, in a business partnership, has greater promptness and reasonable strength. Unlike the stubborn and slow Taurus, who will try to implement a failed plan to the last.

Capricorn will be able to correct the course in time and retreat if circumstances require it. But it is better to entrust Taurus with profit accounting, because he is able to manage finances very rationally and make profitable investments. Money from Taurus always works, and does not lie idle.
This couple at any age will have high-quality and good sex. Taurus is more sensual here, and Capricorn is passionate. Both do not see much point in fancy experiments, they quite like traditional relationships. Capricorn likes Taurus's practical approach to intimate relationships, and both partners attach great importance to them in their life together. Cheating in a couple is incredibly rare, because these zodiac signs are able to appreciate what they have, and also tend to preserve and multiply what they have achieved.