Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

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Excellent relationships can be formed and exist between Taurus and Cancer, complete mutual understanding is a reliable guarantee of a solid foundation for a marriage union. The main thing is that they have a lot in common. Both partners are stay—at-home, prone to sentimentality, love sex. The poise and serenity of Taurus is a good antidote to Cancer's mood swings. Taurus is the only one of the entire Zodiac who calmly endures all the mental crises of Cancer without compromising the state of his own soul. In turn, Cancer remains faithful to Taurus and satisfies his needs. Taurus strives for money and security, Cancer has the same goals. Similar interests and desires ensure a harmonious union.
At the stage of the nascent relationship, Taurus is ready to give a partner much more than him. He behaves like a real partner: indulgent to whims, attentive and caring. Cancer is always full of inner excitement and worries. He is changeable, fluid, mysterious. Taurus endures such behavior of a partner patiently, trying to pay attention to the main thing and not notice the little things. The love between these zodiac signs is far from dizzying romance, but they are constant and know how to appreciate what they have.

Each of them loves differently. Taurus is far from hyperfine matters, his gaze is directed at the understandable, earthly, tangible. He needs home and spiritual warmth, constancy and clarity. But Cancer, as a person who feels subtly, always walks on the thin edge of reality, every now and then forcing the partner to puzzle over the mystery of his behavior. A couple's relationship can go in two ways: either after a long lapping, both will become a comfortable couple, or everything will end in a complete collapse.
Marriage can become very comfortable, because both partners are practical and base their views on the same principles of life. The material side of the relationship is extremely important for both, therefore, they will make every effort to ensure that the house becomes a full bowl. Marriage also has a significant disadvantage, because Taurus and Cancer are too much focused on building an ideal relationship. In the pursuit of perfection, they may miss a lot of important and pleasant moments that they are unable to feel due to constant concentration on their goal.

The emotional sphere of the spouses is also radically different. A deeply feeling Cancer will always remain incomprehensible to Taurus, who is used to living here and now, not looking for any subtext in the words of a partner. Cancer will add fuel to the fire with its touchiness and jealousy, and Taurus with stubbornness and straightforwardness. Family conflicts cannot be avoided. The only good thing is that the spouses are not aggressive, the quarrels will be of an intelligent nature.
Not the best combination for collaboration. Taurus is extremely hardy and hardworking, but, at the same time, too slow. He needs a partner who can guide and stimulate him. However, Cancer is unable to motivate a partner because he needs a navigator himself.

If they happen to work together, then it is better for Taurus to become the boss. He sees the goals more clearly and clearly and places the right accents, without wasting time on long doubts and weighing. When working together, the boss should take into account that, as a performer, Cancer is a rather complex sign. But if you manage to win him over, he will work much more efficiently.
In bed with each other, Taurus and Cancer are having difficulties. Since Cancer is more selfish and cold than a partner, Taurus's initiative may not be enough for a long time. He is patient, but sex is far from the last place for him. He is capable of passion and initiative only when he feels an emotional return from a partner.

In the union of Taurus and Cancer, wave-like fluctuations are constantly present, which allow the couple to reach the peak of sensations, then feel complete separation. The pendulum of their mutual attraction can oscillate as long as the Taurus is able to withstand it. The stiffness and conservatism of Cancer sometimes surpasses his own, and two conservatives in bed just get bored. In the case when Cancer curbs its selfishness and begins to invest at least half of what Taurus is ready for in a relationship, sex can become high-quality and memorable. But if the union is every man for himself, the passion will soon fade away and the partners will simply lose the incentive to continue the relationship.