Taurus and Aries Compatibility

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Heavy compatibility of signs, since they are two different personalities. Aries does not like the measured pace of Taurus and the lack of imagination. Impulsivity of Aries when making decisions irritates the conservative Taurus, who does not like abrupt changes. Taurus is drawn to the house, and impulsive Aries strives for new sensations and freedom. Taurus has a sense of ownership, he is jealous and conservative. Aries' need to defend his individuality makes Taurus feel rejected. Taurus knows how to make money, but Aries spends it even better. The connection will cause serious friction. Everyone should have their own personal space, territory, although at night — only together. Their marriage will be turbulent, but if they stay together long enough, Aries will appreciate the reliability and constancy of Taurus.
A rather rare union, initiated more often by Aries. Taurus can indicate his feelings and intentions, but he is in no hurry to take decisive steps. The tedious expectation of initiative acts depressingly on the partner at the beginning, and then takes everything into his own hands, and finally dynamics appear in the relationship. Love in a couple will not become fiery and passionate, there will be no jealousy from the outside, nor hot scenes with confessions. If Aries had a rich love experience before meeting Taurus, then he will accept such calmness with great gratitude, will begin to build a harmonious, trusting relationship.

Younger or inexperienced partners may begin to demand fireworks of emotions from their Taurus, causing a feeling of jealousy in him and provoking quarrels. Taurus, who strives for comfort and peace, will be discouraged by such impulsive behavior of a partner — he simply does not know what to do with this waterfall of emotions that has fallen on his head. And, if Aries does not pull himself together in time, he simply decides to distance himself by going to work, addictions, or even breaking off the relationship.
Marriage is also entered into more often on the initiative of Aries. Spouses are a difficult combination for living together. Both are strong and stubborn to the point of self-forgetfulness, while Taurus considers himself an expert in almost all areas, and Aries, as if he wants to knock down his arrogance, does not hesitate to point out the partner's mistakes and blunders. Because of this, they can often quarrel. In conflicts, Aries behaves emotionally, but at the same time is more outgoing, and Taurus closes all experiences in himself and can harbor resentment for a long time. In everyday terms, problems usually do not arise, because Aries prefers to do everything quickly by himself than to ask his partner for something for a long time.

Taurus and Aries couples rarely have many children, but these children are always loved and provided with everything they need. From Aries they will take a lively and cheerful disposition, and from Taurus — the desire for stability and perseverance. Usually the spouses are faithful to each other, both can look to the side only if they are already on the verge of divorce.
The difficult nature of both partners makes working together a real challenge for each of them. If they want to lead and direct, they demonstrate completely different work rates and approaches to completing tasks. Colleagues simply cannot adapt to the work style of another, which causes them discomfort and obvious irritation.

The desire of a colleague to show himself a professional in any matter infuriates Aries, because in some things he is really more competent than Taurus. The tension that constantly hangs between the two inevitably affects the results of the common cause, reducing labor productivity. Whoever is in charge of this pair, but it will not work out to reach an agreement. Taurus accuses the partner of haste and a tendency to unjustified risks, and Aries is outraged by the lack of initiative and obsession of the partner.
Undoubtedly, Aries has a stronger and sexier temperament in a couple. Taurus is somewhat inferior in this, but, just like a partner, strives for high-quality sex. The only problem is that, being a passionate nature, Aries cools down faster, and sex without passion ceases to interest. But Taurus does not consider this process so deeply.

If Taurus is wise and patient, can periodically remind the partner how sexy and desirable, then it will be possible to maintain interest for a long time. In addition, prolonged quarrels also have a negative effect on partner libido, therefore, Aries will not go to bed with a partner he is offended by. In the absence of annoying and interfering factors, sex in a couple becomes comfortable and harmonious, able to satisfy the needs of two signs.