Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

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This marriage union for Taurus is one of the worst, because here he will have neither rest nor rest. Taurus needs a calm lifestyle, a guaranteed, secured future. Aquarius has a rich imagination and vivid imagination, sudden thoughts, ideas arise, very original, although often doubtful, frivolity and frivolity are often observed, and poor Taurus constantly has to "land" him to do something more practical and useful. Taurus is conservative, cautious, reserved in words.

Aquarius is free from conventions, loves novelty, has a lively character. Taurus is lustful and passionate, while Aquarius lives in the spiritual world. It is difficult for Taurus to keep Aquarius near the hearth and satisfy with domestic joys. Aquarius strives for open self-expression in relationships, and Taurus needs comfort and peace. Aquarius, a freedom-loving loner, is burdened by shackles and sooner or later will slip away from the owner of Taurus. This union is fraught with constant surprises and surprises, not always pleasant. As a result, parting is guaranteed here.
Love between such zodiac signs happens quite often. It's all the fault of Taurus's desire for the high and beautiful, personified by Aquarius. Taurus is imbued with the partner's ability to grab information on the fly and feel the mood without words. Despite his earthly nature, Taurus is a person striving for higher matters, but somehow trying to combine them in himself along with conservative views on life.

In feelings, the partner is laconic, he will give Aquarius the opportunity to express his love verbally, and he himself will limit himself to a rather meager set of phrases. But at this moment, a whole range of feelings can sound in his soul, which others do not know about. Courtship is a special period in the life of a couple, because the outcome of the relationship as a whole depends on it. Most often, it is not only favorable, but also marks the beginning of a long, stable relationship. Despite the different nature, lovers are able not only to understand, but also to feel each other. At an early stage of their rapprochement, both can discover a poetic talent in themselves, which will fill their idyll with additional romance.
Having married, soon each of the partners will begin to feel a little cheated. The veil of romance is gradually slipping from the eyes, exposing what both did not notice in each other, being under the influence of love charms. Aquarius discovers that Taurus is a rare silent and stubborn person, and also tends to make decisions alone, without consulting a partner.

Taurus at this moment tries to explain to his partner that intimate conversations about high can be conducted at a cooked dinner, and not an empty table. Immediately there is a financial issue that has not even been raised in the pair before. Taurus continually hints to his partner that it is necessary to live within his means, in response to which he receives a tirade of the need to earn more. The children will reconcile the spouses, but disagreements will periodically arise in everyday life, since Aquarius does not consider the house his element, and Taurus is too lazy and sluggish to strive to take part in the routine. But, in general, their family will become strong and friendly, including because there will be no violent conflicts and scenes of jealousy in it.
A tandem in which it is better for Taurus to become the boss. Taurus makes balanced and wise leaders who are not inclined to overly dramatize events, who are able to competently and consistently set tasks for subordinates. The leadership style of Taurus is not authoritarian, therefore, Aquarius feels quite comfortable.

Needless to say, Aquarius is an ideological inspirer in the workers' union, and, thanks to participation in a common cause, it will become interesting and profitable. Taurus will take over the financial side of the business, and will act very wisely, because Aquarius, being carried away by the process, is prone to reckless spending and risks. A harmonious distribution of roles will allow partners to achieve good compatibility in work, since none of them will be required to do what they do not have a soul for. At the right moment, each of the signs can pick up and continue what the other started, which makes their union strong and workable.
The couple's sex comes out clumsy and slightly monotonous. But if there are real feelings between partners, they will not be bored together. Taurus will slow down the partner's passion for various experiments a little, because he himself is not ready for them. Intimacy is more likely to be sensual than passionate, which will suit both.

Moments of awkwardness will be skillfully smoothed out by Aquarius, because she is a born psychologist, in whose company everyone is free to feel like themselves. After a while, when Taurus gets used to his partner, he will begin to show imagination, which will surprise his partner a lot. Of course, their shared bed will not become an experimental springboard on which fundamentally new intimacy tactics are being worked out. Sex will lack passion and a spark, but the conservatism of Taurus and the low libido of Aquarius will not make partners unhappy and dissatisfied from this. Both will remain quite satisfied with how things are in the sexual sphere.