Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the entire Zodiac, which makes a relationship with him a difficult puzzle for a potential life partner. Representatives of this constellation are distinguished by polar inclinations: they can combine altruism with formal egoism, emotionality with analytical calculation, this is the whole Scorpio, and for more information, read compatibility Scorpio. But in financial compatibility Scorpio behaves very cautiously, can throw out a sting at his partner at any moment.

As with all water signs, his behavior has a strong emotional coloring. The influence of Water means that the love compatibility Scorpio is very deep and does not lend itself well to logic. Sometimes his feelings can be compared to a real obsession. A whole ocean of passions can boil under the surface of the water. He completely dissolves in love and can be transformed beyond recognition under its influence. A Scorpio in love is passionate and jealous, but at the same time devoted and caring. When he is happy, he makes his partner feel like the most important person on the planet, read the Scorpio family compatibility for free for an accurate understanding of the marriage union.
A sign of transformation through confrontation. They have magnetism and heavy energy. Patient, calculating, selfish, vindictive. They have an excellent memory and they do not forget insults. Scorpio is a profitable ally, but a ruthless enemy. It is rightfully considered the sexiest sign of the zodiac. It has the peculiarity of accumulating "dirt" on everyone it comes into contact with, and at the right moment extracts a trump card from its sleeve. Jealous, insidious, prone to self-flagellation.