Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

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Virgo and Scorpio are similar as heaven and earth, but this is the case when opposites can perfectly complement each other and create something worthwhile together. This compatibility will give both the necessary, but provided that Virgo shows enough wisdom not to "saw" Scorpio, there will be no sense from this, and the relationship will break up. Virgo can find in Scorpio a real reliable shoulder, protection and support in life's adversities. Scorpio, on the other hand, likes a calm and reasonable Virgo. Problems may appear if Virgo tries to control Scorpio and does not show enough flexibility at the same time.
At the same time, the dynamic and extremely contradictory compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio. Virgo needs to control the situation, and therefore she has to deal with the problems that arise through the fault of Scorpio every now and then. And there can be a lot of problems – from unexpected and rather fervent displays of feelings in the most unsuitable places for this – to real battles for a place in the sun. Both with others and with the Virgin herself. All this gives Scorpios a real pleasure. Meanwhile, Virgos are also ready to rush into battle, protecting their family, but they are ready to forgive a lot to their partner. Scorpio will be able to quickly understand this and can shamelessly use the available preferences. However, no matter how long he was on a spree, in the end, he always returns back to the cozy and scrubbed to shine Virgo house.

Of course, it will not do without repentant tears and vows of eternal love, which are poured like a balm on a girl's soul. And then it all repeats again. What will happen faster: will Virgo's patience run out or will Scorpio just forget to come back one day – it's hard to say. Although in this compatibility, the scorpio man appreciates Virgo very much for her incredible ability to forgive, and for her mind, and for the stability that she provides him. Although this union is not so bad, but you need to keep in mind that Scorpios are more suited to partners with a noisy and persistent character, so you should not hope that the relationship will be strong enough.
One of the undoubted advantages of Scorpio is his honesty. He does not deceive himself or those who are with him. Therefore, if Scorpio has already bound himself with some promises, then he will try to fulfill them. Infidelities on the part of Scorpio do not happen very often, but if they do happen, they turn out to be fleeting. But if Scorpio really meets his new love, feels perfect compatibility with someone, then he will honestly tell about it, without hiding anything. But all this does not mean that the soul of Scorpio lies in front of you like an open book in which you can safely read. Scorpio will keep his secrets to the last until he thinks it's time to reveal them.
Virgo has a sober logic and practicality, which, combined with the intuitive foresight of danger that Scorpio has, makes this business cooperation potentially very successful. In order to achieve maximum efficiency from Scorpio, you need to allow him to choose his own job or type of occupation. If Virgo tries to put pressure on him, then Scorpio will simply disconnect from reality and will think about something of his own, not hearing any of the words that will be pronounced in his address. If you give him complete freedom, then the benefits for the common cause will be very obvious. But Virgo works hard and fruitfully, without starting senseless disputes, and even criticism of himself from Scorpio, on sound reflection, can turn to the benefit of the cause.
In bed, both Virgo and Scorpio will have to learn a lot from scratch, but after Virgo and Scorpio get to know each other better, everything will happen very naturally, and, in general, not so bad. There is a danger that partners in this compatibility will not fully open up to each other, especially Virgo, without understanding why, can restrain her own desires, as if some part of her soul remains untouched. But in general, neither of them has any negative emotions, especially if the Virgo has a secret tendency to masochism.