Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

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At first glance, Taurus and Scorpio are complete opposites. They have completely different character traits and life values. Taurus is a calm and friendly homebody, and Scorpio is domineering, sometimes aggressive and fixated on his work. However, there are a lot of things in common in a couple - the same attitude to love and marriage, jealousy, temperament. Taurus and Scorpio have a wonderful compatibility, primarily in physical intimacy. Representatives of both signs are sensual, sincere, with a similar temperament. In everyday life, a calm Taurus easily extinguishes the flashes of the difficult nature of Scorpio.
If we are talking about love compatibility, then the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio may well take place. However, with the long-term marriage of a Taurus-Scorpio couple, everything turns out to be somewhat more complicated. These signs are really attracted to each other, because they are opposite on the Zodiac wheel, they just feel each other, so it is written in their family. But all that connects them is a bright erotic passion, but problems inevitably arise in marriage. It is difficult to maintain the sharpness of the initial feelings after a few years and Taurus, like Scorpio, inevitably begin to make mutual claims. Which, however, are quite justified.

For example, partners have a completely different idea of material wealth and a different approach to money, but both have extremely many ambitions. Scorpio is a romantic mysterious nature that does not fit into the usual framework in any way. Taurus, on the contrary, does not imagine life without strict regulations and order, as a result, a partner born under this sign methodically harasses his partner with petty and tedious from his point of view quibbles. At the same time, all efforts remain completely in vain, since it is almost impossible to re-educate Scorpio in its own way. As a result, Scorpio begins to have affairs on the side, and when Taurus finds out about it, a break usually follows.
Scorpios are naturally endowed with distrust and suspicion towards other people. This is especially noticeable in Scorpios, who already know what is how much in this life. Perhaps that's why they can sometimes seem sullen, and sometimes even cruel. In fact, Scorpions are reluctant to use their sting only if it is really necessary in order to protect themselves or the one they patronize. And in compatibility, Scorpios are always ready to patronize the weaker and protect him from injustice. Or – to punish the traitor.
Taurus is inherent in self-confidence, Scorpios can always rely on them in performing any task. However, as a leader, Taurus is sometimes overly despotic, and with Scorpios such a number will not work, they quickly become disappointed. As a result, the work is either not done at all, or is done somehow. The best way to maintain Scorpio's business activity is encouragement. But if a Scorpio turns out to be in the role of a leader, he can completely rely on his subordinate, Taurus are diligent and conscientious workers, while excessive control will only spoil the whole thing. As for joint business deals, these two partners are unlikely to work together, since a cautious and accustomed to calculating Taurus is unlikely to agree to take part in those adventures that Scorpios are so prone to.
In the bedroom of Taurus and Scorpio, everything is fine with compatibility. Scorpio gives Taurus much more than they could have expected, on the other hand, his abilities stem from her earthly beauty and incredible love of life. In addition, both partners are extremely fond of sex, although somewhat differently. So, Taurus treats this process as a kind of entertainment, a way to get pleasure, Scorpio needs to arrange this process as a sacrament in order to fully experience all the nuances and completely let them pass through himself. In general, Taurus and Scorpio mutually inspire each other, which brings their sexual relations to an unprecedented height.